Computer - Standard Eight


International Computer Olympiad exam for students of standard 8 makes them ready for international and national level competitive exams. The syllabus is the same as prescribed by their schools. Workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad provide a variety of multiple-choice questions based on mental ability as well. These questions are designed by experts in the field of information and technology. All questions are related to the latest developments in the field of computers. It has answers and explanations to all correct answers for students to understand the exact logic behind the right answer. Olympiad exams have proven to improve students’ reasoning abilities. They help them to think out-of-the box. It involves students in the subject thoroughly. Workbooks help students to enhance their thinking capacities and check their aptitude on the subject. It makes them more focused in life. Teachers recommend the use of this book for studying for their school exams as well. Students of standard 8 prepare themselves for various competitive exams. Olympiad exams forms the base for such exams. It allows them to improve logical reasoning skills and focus on getting the right answer.

The workbooks for class 8 students comprise of the following:

  • Subjective Exercise
  • Mental Ability Exercise
  • Answers And Explanation