Science - Standard One


Scientists are not born in a day. It takes years of hard work and dedication to train young minds to become a genius in science. International Science Olympiad exam is one such exam that identifies young talent. It encourages them to know different elements in and around us. It develops a sense of curiosity that develops the brain. By learning this book, students of class 1 get a chance to study about various topics in science. It boosts their existing knowledge and makes them confident to attempt any kind of question at international level. Books for the same can be ordered from Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a leading Olympiad exam organization in India. Workbook content is designed keeping in mind school syllabus. It leverages student’s potential to perform well in their school exams as well. The book has informative content that engages the child thoroughly. Science teachers often recommend this book not only for Olympiad exams but for general knowledge as well. It has different chapters, questions and answers to all questions.

The chapters included for class 1 are:

  • Chapter 1: Me and My Body
  • Chapter 2: Plants around Us
  • Chapter 3: Animals around Us
  • Chapter 4: Living and Non-Living
  • Chapter 5: Our Needs
  • Chapter 6: Good Habits
  • Chapter 7: Earth and Sky
  • Chapter 8: Transport
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning