Science - Standard Three


International Science Olympiad exam for Class 3 is designed for students who love to experiment with science. Books for this exam are based on existing school syllabus. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading organizations that has crafted quality content in workbooks for science exam. All questions asked are multiple choice with options for the same. The syllabus for this exam is the same as school syllabus. Schools recommend to use these books for practice. It helps them to enhance their existing knowledge on various topics such as food, transportation, communication, birds, plants, animals, human body and a lot more. The book has several practice questions with logical reasoning section at the end. Answers to all questions with explanation makes it easy for students to study for the exam. Teachers recommend all students to purchase this book so that it becomes easy to solve questions asked in the school exam as well.

The book is divided into chapters that include:

  • Chapter 1: Food
  • Chapter 2: Transport and Communication
  • Chapter 3: Housing and Clothing
  • Chapter 4: Birds
  • Chapter 5: Plants
  • Chapter 6: Animals
  • Chapter 7: Living and Non-Living
  • Chapter 8: Human Body
  • Chapter 9: Weather and Sky
  • Chapter 10: Light and Sound
  • Chapter 11: Logical Reasoning