Science - Standard Six


International Science Olympiad workbook by Indian Talent Olympiad is a uniquely designed book that enhances student’s understanding on various topics. The workbook is enriched with illustrations and different types of question patterns to make learning interesting. It helps students to improve their reasoning skills, thinking ability and problem-solving skills. The book keeps students fully acquainted with different topics such as separation of mixtures, magnetism, lights, electric circuits, classification of materials, living organisms, measurement and distance and many more. The language used is simple, thus easy to understand. It contains multiple choice questions with answer keys and explanations to the questions. It encourages students to gain thorough knowledge on all topics that are part of their school syllabus. This book assists students to test their scoring abilities and identifies topics where they need special practice.

The workbook is well-organized with chapters that include:

  • Chapter 1: Separation of Mixtures
  • Chapter 2: Changes around Us
  • Chapter 3: Magnetism
  • Chapter 4: Movement in Living Beings
  • Chapter 5: Food and Nutrition
  • Chapter 6: Classification of Materials
  • Chapter 7: Light
  • Chapter 8: Electric Circuits
  • Chapter 9: Motion
  • Chapter 10: Living Organism and Its Classification
  • Chapter 11: Substances in Daily Use
  • Chapter 12: Air
  • Chapter 13: Measurement and Distance
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning