Science - Standard Seven


International Science Olympiad exam by Indian Talent Olympiad is an Olympiad exam aimed to familiarize students with international level competitions. This exam is for students of standard 7 who want to excel in their school exams. Workbooks are designed by experts in the field of science. The books contain chapter-wise multiple choice questions with answers and explanation to the questions. This helps students to understand the concept in a better way. It also contains logical reasoning sections to help the students boost their reasoning skills. The syllabus for International Science Olympiad exam is based on existing school syllabus. Teachers often recommend students to practice as many questions possible from Olympiad books so that their existing knowledge on topics is enhanced. Students are indirectly exposed to different questions that helps them in their school exams.

The content is divided into different segments that include the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Natural Resources and Calamities
  • Chapter 2: Waste Water Management
  • Chapter 3: Reproduction in Living Things
  • Chapter 4: Classification of Substances
  • Chapter 5: Light Propagation
  • Chapter 6: Water
  • Chapter 7: Organization of Living Things
  • Chapter 8: Circulation
  • Chapter 9: Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Chapter 10: Heat
  • Chapter 11: Adaptation
  • Chapter 12: Food
  • Chapter 13: Control and Co-Ordination
  • Chapter 14: Electricity
  • Chapter 15: Sound and Its Propagation
  • Chapter 16: Logical Reasoning