Science - Standard Nine


Students of standard 9 appearing for Science Olympiad exams can buy books from Indian Talent Olympiad. It is one of the well-known organizations offering Olympiad exams in different subjects. It consists a team of professionals who are well-versed with the subject. The workbooks are designed by experts in various fields. Each chapter has topic wise questions and answers. Explanations are given so that students understand the concept better. Topics for class 9 science exam include matter & its properties, life around us, food & health, music, friction, sun, gravitation, reproduction, motion and so on. The workbooks include logical reasoning section for students as an additional benefit to enhance their reasoning skills. It also helps them to prepare for school exams.

The chapters included in the book for class 9 students are:

  • Chapter 1: Matter and Its Properties
  • Chapter 2: Life around Us
  • Chapter 3: Food and Health
  • Chapter 4: Energy and Work
  • Chapter 5: Music
  • Chapter 6: Friction and Force
  • Chapter 7: Gravitation
  • Chapter 8: Sun
  • Chapter 9: Reproduction
  • Chapter 10: Crop and Its Management
  • Chapter 11: Unit of Life
  • Chapter 12: Motion and Its Laws
  • Chapter 13: Solid Waste Management
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning