Art - Standard Two


Indian Talent Olympiad conducts National Art Olympiad (NAO) exams for students of class 2. This exam is conducted in respective schools who have tied up with the organization. It is national level competition where students from all over the country can compete with one another. Books for this exam are provided by the organization that provides drawing insights to children. All books have drawing ideas, patterns, colour combinations that makes it interesting for students. Books are colourful that attract young minds. All of these books are designed by experts from the field of art. Drawing exam helps students to focus on enhancing their creative skills. It helps students to explore their thinking capacity and boost imaginations. There are more than 10 topics for students to choose from. Students are awarded based on several parameters that include creativity, colours used, neatness and originality.

The topics included for this exam for students of class 2 are:

  • Chapter 1: Two Colour Blending
  • Chapter 2: Patterned Landscape
  • Chapter 3: Tortoise On Vacation
  • Chapter 4: Fish Aquarium
  • Chapter 5: Going To School On A Rainy Day
  • Chapter 6: Tea Pot
  • Chapter 7: Colourful Lanterns
  • Chapter 8: Fruit Bowl
  • Chapter 9: Two Little Fishes
  • Chapter 10: My Mini Train
  • Chapter 11: Fun In The Water Park
  • Chapter 12: Three Little Birds
  • Chapter 13: Design On A Vase