Art - Standard Six


National Art Olympiad (NAO) is a national level art competition conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam is a drawing and painting competition that is organized in respective schools all over the country. The organization provides books that are informative, educative and enhances learning experience of students. It becomes very easy for students to learn basic drawing, master strokes and come out with a fantastic picture. Books are self-explanatory with step by step instructions. The content is student-friendly and is designed keeping in mind student requirement. Student can learn vertical blending, horizontal blending, Warli painting, object drawing, pencil shading, lettering, doodle art and other drawing techniques using this book. It is recommended that all students must grab a copy of this book to enhance their creativity. It is one of the best hobbies students of this age can develop sitting at home. It does not require adult interference; as the book is self explanatory and it encourages student imagination.

The topics for standard 6 include:

  • Chapter 1: Vertical Blending
  • Chapter 2: Horizontal Blending
  • Chapter 3: Warli Painting
  • Chapter 4: Design In A Circle
  • Chapter 5: Two Fish - Pastel Resist Technique
  • Chapter 6: Wild Africa
  • Chapter 7: Object Drawing - Brinjal Using Oil Pastels And Poster Colours
  • Chapter 8: Doodle Art
  • Chapter 9: Memory Drawing - A Village Scene
  • Chapter 10: Object Drawing
  • Chapter 11: Designing A Hand Bag
  • Chapter 12: Pencil Shading Landscape
  • Chapter 13: Lettering Sea World
  • Chapter 14: Colour The Picture