Art - Standard Eight


Students of standard 8 can participate in National Art Olympiad (NAO), a national level drawing competition conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. The organization provides books that engages students thoroughly. All books are designed by experts in the field of art. It has drawing instructions that help students to create their own designs. National Art Olympiad (NAO) is a national level drawing competition conducted for students across the country. Books for the same can be used for reference. It has some of the most innovative and easy to learn designs. Some of the designs taught in the book include pencil shading, poster making, object drawing, ball pen art, water colour, stone age art, coloured portrait and so on. These books are very useful for students who have a passion for art. It encourages young talent and helps them to use their own creativity.

The topics included in this exam for students of class 8 are:

  • Chapter 1: Pencil Shading
  • Chapter 2: Poster Making
  • Chapter 3: Object Drawing - Cabbage With Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours
  • Chapter 4: Design In A Circle
  • Chapter 5: Pencil Shading Portrait
  • Chapter 6: Ball Pen Art
  • Chapter 7: Water Colour Landscape
  • Chapter 8: Stone Age Art
  • Chapter 9: Pencil Shading Landscape
  • Chapter 10: Coloured Portrait
  • Chapter 11: Humming Bird
  • Chapter 12: Brush Lettering
  • Chapter 13: Colour The Picture