English - Standard Eight


High school is not only the turning point for students, but it is the best time to gauge their knowledge on different subjects. Students of class 8 must develop a strong base of English language. English for competitive exams helps students to score better marks. The workbooks are available online with detailed information on different topics. The chapters are well elaborated with questions and answers of each topic. Proficiency in English allows students to be confident in the subject. This can only be attained by practising English workbook. It helps them to score more marks in school exams too.

The chapters for grade 8 are:

  • Chapter 1: Word Power
  • Chapter 2: Clauses
  • Chapter 3: Infinitive, Participle and Gerund
  • Chapter 4: Modal and Auxiliary Verbs
  • Chapter 5: Tenses
  • Chapter 6: Types of Sentences
  • Chapter 7: Transformation of Sentences
  • Chapter 8: Figures of Speech
  • Chapter 9: Grammar Exercise
  • Chapter 10: Composition
  • Chapter 11: Sequencing
  • Chapter 12: Comprehension
  • Chapter 13: Idioms and Proverbs
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning