General Knowledge - Standard Seven


Students of standard 7 develop a special liking for General Knowledge Olympiad exams. All thanks to the robust syllabus and topics that are introduced to them. They learn about environment, plants and animals, science and technology, universe, India and the world, current affairs and lot more. It gives them a break from regular studies as students are allowed to explore more about their surroundings on their own. They become knowledgeable and are efficient in tackling different questions. It prepares them for national as well as international level competitions. Indian Talent Olympiad offers GK Olympiad book that enhances students’ caliber and potential. The book is informative, thus making it interesting for students to read. It is written in a student-friendly language. The questions are framed in a way that encourages students to think out of the box. Teachers encourage more and more students to purchase this book.

The topics included in the exercises are:

  • Plants & Animals
  • Earth & Its Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Universe
  • India & The World
  • Social Studies
  • Language & Literature
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Life Skills
  • Current Affairs
  • Logical Reasoning