Mathematics - Standard Ten


As students enter 10th standard, there is a pressure on them to perform well. The level of difficulty in Mathematics is at its peak in class 10. To make learning easier the students must be introduced to Olympiad exams that help to clear basic concepts. Such exams have become the norm in todays’ times. It is conducted throughout the country in different schools. Math Olympiad exam assists students to think-out-of-the box. It helps them to attempt different types of questions. Indian Talent Olympiad provides Math Olympiad book that consists of practice questions and solutions to all questions with appropriate explanations. The book is easily available. Logical reasoning is also included as a part of the book. All competitive exams include reasoning as part of their exam. This is to test students’ reasoning skills. It allows them to analyze each answer before selecting the correct option.

The syllabus includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Real Number
  • Chapter 2: Arithmetic Progression
  • Chapter 3: Polynomials
  • Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 5: Probability & Permutation Combination
  • Chapter 6: Co-Ordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 7: Triangles
  • Chapter 8: Circle and Its Area
  • Chapter 9: Quadrilateral and Its Area
  • Chapter 10: Mensuration
  • Chapter 11: Trigonometry
  • Chapter 12: Data Handling
  • Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning