Mathematics - Standard Two


The 21st century has given rise to a lot of competition, especially in the field of education. In order to stay ahead in this competitive world, different Olympiad exams have been introduced in several schools. School exams are not enough for students of today’s times. Indian Talent Olympiad’s National Mathematics Olympiad is one such exam that tests students’ knowledge in the subject. It enhances their calculation skills and motivates them to excel. Students often fear Maths. This fear can be removed only by thorough practice. This book is a great resource that helps them to prepare for other competitive exams. Mathematics forms the base of all career options. Indian Talent Olympiad’s mathematics book is quite a resourceful, well-planned book that provides in-depth detail through different questions. Answers to all questions are also given with explanations. This helps them to comprehend better the type of questions asked in the exam. The book also has logical reasoning section at the end for students as an add-on to improve their logical skills.

The chapters included in this book are:

  • Chapter 1: Lines and Shapes
  • Chapter 2: Number system
  • Chapter 3: Addition
  • Chapter 4: Subtraction
  • Chapter 5: Time
  • Chapter 6: Money
  • Chapter 7: Measurement
  • Chapter 8: Patterns
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning

Mathematics Question Paper

Round 1:

The thoroughly updated version of previous years question papers are available for students of class 2 participating in Maths Olympiad exam. This exam is conducted in two levels, level 1 and level 2 respectively. Level 1 is the beginners level that consists of simple questions. Qualifying students can automatically attempt level 2. The question paper set provided by Indian Talent Olympiad consists of previous 4 years’ papers. It also has an answer key at the end for students to check right answers. All questions are at par with school syllabus. It helps students to practice more and more questions to perform well in both Olympiad as well as school exams. The motto of providing question paper sets is to enable students to practice a variety of questions and know the type of questions asked in the final exam. Teachers encourage students to practice questions asked in the previous years as it provides immense guidance for final exams.

Round 2:

Students studying in class 2 participating in round 2 of Maths Olympiad exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad can practice previous years’ questions papers to score well in the upcoming final exams. The set has question papers from the past four years with answer key. It is the best way to practice as many as questions possible. All questions are at par with current school syllabus. Round 2 is considered to be tougher than round 1. One of the best ways to prepare for this round is to be thorough with school and Olympiad maths syllabus. Indian Talent Olympiad provides exhaustive study material with practice questions sufficient for students to score well in the final exam. Parents along with teachers must encourage students to solve all question papers in order to be thorough in all kinds of questions. This helps them to solve difficult questions asked in their school exams as well.