Mathematics - Standard Four


Indian Talent Olympiad’s National Mathematics Olympiad book for students of class 4 are specially designed for those who wish to participate at national and international level competitions. It lays the foundation for competitive exams. It makes them confident to answer variety of questions. Olympiad exams make students improve their problem-solving skills. This comes very handy when they go to higher classes. The workbooks offered make students ready to compete with each other at ease. Books are well designed and have chapter wise collection of different topics such as basic geometric shapes, number system, data handling and other calculations that provides in-depth detail on the type of questions asked. Students who master Math are said to have conquered the world. They are able to perform well not only at school level exams, but also at other competitive entrance exams, thus increasing their score.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Mathematics book includes 10 chapters namely:

  • Chapter 1: Basic Geometric Shapes
  • Chapter 2: Number System
  • Chapter 3: Addition & Subtraction
  • Chapter 4: Multiplication & Division
  • Chapter 5: Fractions
  • Chapter 6: Measurement
  • Chapter 7: Time & Calendar
  • Chapter 8: Data Handling
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning