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Olympiad Exam For Class 4

Class 4 Olympiad exams are for those who love to play with variety of questions. The syllabus for these exams are as prescribed by school. They are introduced to new topics in the most interesting manner. Students automatically explore sub-topics in the most creative way. The exam is conducted for 65 minutes. The total number of questions asked are 35. The online test series makes it interesting for students to attempt the exam. Olympiad exams are available in the following subjects:

The online test series is conducted in Mathematics, Science, English and General Knowledge respectively. Students can practice online tests on their smart phone or order workbooks for subjects of their choice. The workbooks can be purchased from the link given below.

Buy Olympiad Books

Class 4 is the right time to introduce students to national competition. This is the age when they understand the importance of exams. They are able to comprehend things in an improved way. The syllabus is based on analytical concepts that they can apply to practical life. The motto of these exams are to bring the best out of students. Each and every child has innate qualities that need to be polished with the right kind of guidance. It is the duty of the parents along with teachers to show them to right path. The syllabus is the same as prescribed by school. Thus, it does not require extra effort to learn new topics. Click the link below for detailed syllabus for class 4 Olympiads.

Olympiad Syllabus

The exam dates, pattern, type of questions are all provided in detail. Students can refer to workbooks or previous year question papers to prepare for Olympiads. These books have comprehensive multiple-choice questions. Books help students to prepare for school exams apart from Olympiads.

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