Indian Talent Olympiad And Olympiad Guide

Indian Talent Olympiad along with its strategic partner Olympiad Guide has joined hands to provide the best platforms for students to undertake Olympiad exam. Olympiad Guide believes in excellence in learning, and to achieve the same, it has a team of professionals who ensure quality education. It works with the same belief of that of Indian Talent Olympiad, which is to provide the best of exams through Olympiads. This partnership will certainly prove beneficial to students who participate in these exams.

Olympiad Guide uses a scientific approach to assess the understanding of students. It provides sample papers, mock tests, chapter wise test and model test papers. Olympiad Guide provides subscription to access study material for four subjects namely Mathematics, Science, English, and Computer. Each subscription offers 3 mock tests and 20 sample papers. The price of each subject is Rs 600 only. It also offers combo packs that comprises of all four subjects in one set. The combo pack has 5000 + questions, 200 + online tests, and 50 + chapter wise tests. Students can also try a free demo if they want to look at how the questions are framed.

Indian Talent Olympiad on the other hand, is one of the best organization that not only provides study materials but also conducts Olympiad exams. There are 8 subjects in which students can try their luck for Olympiads. They are International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO), and National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO). For more information on subjects kindly visit the official website of the organization.

The team at Olympiad Guide and Indian Talent Olympiad truly believes in providing the right coaching before final exams. Therefore, Olympiad Genius allows students to register for Olympiad exams through their website. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the fastest growing organization that has won the trust of schools and students for its quality exams. It has an ever-expanding network of schools that allow its students to participate in Olympiads through Indian Talent Olympiad. With 33,175 schools, 1 crore + students, 2,00,000 + toppers and 7000 + scholarship winners it is truly the most trusted organization in the field of Olympiads.

Indian Talent Olympiad is pleased to have Olympian champion, honorable Madam P.T. Usha, an Arujna and Padmashree award winner as the chief advisor of the organization. It is through her support and guidance that the organization is able to provide the best possible education to students. The advisory committee also comprises of other professional individuals who understand students’ minds. The team constantly looks for improving study material so as to bring the best foot forward. The workbooks and practice material provided by Indian Talent Olympiad is designed by experts in various fields.

To register for Olympiad exams, Olympiad Guide allows schools or individuals to register from their website. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts weekly test series also called at student test at home. This is conducted every 2nd and 4th Saturday with an aim to allow students to practice as many questions as possible. Such practice helps students to become thorough in concepts before their final exams. Students can register directly from Indian Talent Olympiad or the portal of Olympiad Guide. They can even buy books and other practice material from any of the websites. The aim of both organization is to make study material easily accessible to students.

Olympiad Guide’s webpage has a form that is to be filled for ITO registration. The form is self-explanatory that requires basic details to be filled such as the class, student’s name, email ID, address, school name, city and school address. Once student registers for Olympiads, he/she has to pay the required fees and get started. Indian Talent Olympiad charges as little as Rs 150 for each subject. The subjects for Online Olympiads are Mathematics, Science, English, General Knowledge, Drawing and Essay. Workbooks along with previous year’s question paper sets are provided for all of these subjects.

The Online Olympiads are priced on a monthly, half yearly and yearly basis. The first month fee is Rs 100, 6 Months fee is Rs 499 and the price for 1 year is Rs 999 respectively. These can be paid on the gateway of Olympiad Guide or on the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad is probably the only organization that conducts Online Drawing and Essay Olympiad. It believes in nurturing the hidden talent and providing exposure to students in all ways possible.

Olympiad Guide has an interesting time tracking tool to allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It helps them to manage time effectively during the exam. Once they achieve time management skills, it becomes easy to attempt the entire question paper. Olympiad Guide has a detailed student dashboard on their website, that makes them understand the severity of the paper. It has the chapter-wise test feature that enables step-by-step preparation. It helps them to prepare well for Olympiad exams.

Indian Talent Olympiad and Olympiad Guide both act as a guiding source for students. It welcomes all interested participants to buy books, question paper sets and register for upcoming Olympiads. This partnership has proved fruitful for students in the long run. It is a one stop destination for all your exam needs.