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Crest Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad

Crest Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad

Crest Olympiad has partnered with Indian Talent Olympiad to spread awareness and importance of Olympiad exams. Both these organizations work with one motto – to provide additional knowledge to all participants. Olympiad exams are unconventional exams conducted by several organizations in the country. These exams focus on overall development of students. The emphasis of these Olympiad centers are to increase conceptual knowledge. It is believed that a strong academic base can be built only during school days. Crest Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad work towards the betterment of the student community at large.

Crest Olympiads are conducted Online. It provides flexibility to students to select exam dates as per their convenience. The focus is entirely on concepts and it does not believe in rote learning. It encourages school participation, and is also open to individual participation. It offers two complimentary practice exams as part of its Olympiad program. Some of the subjects in which students can participate through Crest Olympiads are Crest Maths Olympiad (CMO), Crest Science Olympiad (CSO), Crest English Olympiad (CEO), Crest Reasoning Olympiad (CRO), Crest Cyber Olympiad (CCO), and Crest International Spell Bee Olympiad (CSBW).

Indian Talent Olympiad also conducts similar exams. It has International Maths Olympiad (IMO), International Science Olympiad (ISO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) and National Essay Olympiad (NESO). There are several benefits of enrolling for Olympiads. It sharpens the brain, increases thinking capacity and improves analytical skills among participants. It is one of the best platforms that brings in the best of brains together. It is also a very helpful platform to improve students’ weakness and polish their strengths.

Crest Olympiads conduct exams in two levels. The first level is for all students from Prep/KG and class 1 to class 10. The second level is only for students from class 3 to class 10. The level 2 exam is only for English, Maths and Science. Being an Online Olympiad, students will have to take the exam from their respective homes only. A laptop, desktop, or a tablet with stable internet connection are some of the pre-requisites for taking these exams. The basic intent of these exams is to give a flavor of competitive exams to all participants. They get to know the type of questions asked that may not be a part of their school textbooks. It improves their analytical skills. It gives them more insights into different ways of questioning.

One of the most interesting feature of Crest Olympiad is Brain Yoga. Here, it asks students sets of questions that require them to think. These may be related to numbers, series, sequence, days of the week, months of the year and so on. These questions are tricky, and many students may take some time to arrive at the right answer. When students are exposed to some complicated questions, it becomes easy for them to solve other questions. Brain Yoga is similar to the Logical Reasoning section conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, students are made to twist and turn their mind and find out the right answer. Such questions involve them in brainstorming exercises. It fine tunes the brain, thus makes them ready for future competitions.

Crest Olympiads makes it a point to recognize talent. It ensures that students feel encouraged. Thus, awards deserving candidates with Medals, Trophy and Certificates. The top 15% of students are awarded a Merit Certificate. Top 5% receive a Medal and a Certificate. Top 3 students from every school that has more than 25 students appearing for Crest Olympiads are awarded with Merit Certificates. Top 3 students from classes 2 to 10 are awarded Achiever’s Trophy along with Merit Certificate. Each and every participant receives a digital participation certificate. These awards go a long way in shaping students’ careers. It gives them a strong foundation, builds students’ morale and self-confidence.

Indian Talent Olympiad also believes in encouraging students as much as possible. Thus, it offers various scholarship programs. National Toppers have a chance to with Rs.1,00,000. State Toppers receive Rs. 40,000. It also rewards Class-wise Toppers, District Level Toppers and other Merit Holders with Laptops, Tablets, and other Cash Prizes. Both these organizations believe that motivated children perform better each time they attempt Olympiads. Certificates achieved in these exams hold national importance. These can be used to showcase their talent in other global competitions and interviews.

Crest Olympiads announces cut-off for all subjects every year. It has a separate cut-off for Medals and a separate cut-off for Merit Certificates. The prizes and certificates are dispatched only after the level 2 exam. The total marks, number of questions, marks per question, and the total time taken in minutes depends on the class in which the student belongs to. These parameters are different for different classes and different levels.

Crest Olympiads and Indian Talent Olympiad provide study material to students. The former provides comprehensive sets of sample papers that can be used to practice for exams. These can be used like demo papers or mock papers to prepare for the Online Olympiads. Indian Talent Olympiad provides exhaustive study material in the form of workbooks, and previous year’s question papers. The content of these books are designed by those who have sound knowledge in the subject. It offers chapter-wise questions, explanations to all correct answers and in-depth knowledge on concepts taught in class. The syllabus for Olympiads is as prescribed by schools, thus such exams act as additional learning.

The Ranking for Olympiad winners attempting Crest Olympiads are divided into zones. It has zonal ranks that have been categorized into East, West, North and South respectively. It also has an international zone for students applying from outside India. Crest Olympiads also allows Free Trial before registering for Olympiads. Students can register and know more about the same. Indian Talent Olympiad also introduces monthly demo tests where students can attempt unlimited questions and practice before the final exam.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Annual Exam is scheduled to be held in December and February. The organization recommends students to undergo maximum practice before the final exam. The motive of entering into a strategic partnership is to collaborate with Olympiad organizations and provide quality education to all participants. These exams strive to make students think deeper into concepts taught in class. It gives them a realistic learning approach, where they are able to apply and gather more information. It focuses on practical application of knowledge. Students must be able to judge each and every question of the Olympiads, in accordance with facts. It helps them to speculate different subjects and excel in the same.

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