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How To Prepare For Olympiad Exam:

How To Prepare For Olympiad Exam


Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiad exams at National & International level for class 1st to class 10th in schools across India. A separate exam is conducted for each and every subject for every class based on their respective syllabus. Every Indian Talent Olympiad examination will be conducted in English only. Follow the tips to prepare for Olympiad Exams.


Understand the syllabus & pattern of every Indian Talent Olympiad examinations

For class 1st to class 4th, question paper comprises of 35 questions for total 50 marks & for class 5th to class 10th question paper comprises of 50 questions for total 50 marks & it is divided into two sections. Section 1 comprises of questions based on their respective academic fundamentals & section 2 comprises of questions based on logical reasoning, problem solving & analytical skills.

Understand the difficulty level of Indian Talent Olympiad exams:

Difficulty & complexity level of questions will be varying, it depends on the class. For each class exams and question papers prepared by understanding their knowledge, ability reasoning capacity. There will be testing of concepts and basic fundamentals of each & every students through every Indian Talent Olympiad examination. The question paper will also include logical reasoning and problem-solving question which will not be in direct question, students analytical & reasoning skills will be tested through these questions.


Know the relevant Olympiad books:

Students need to prepare from their course book suggested by their respective school board (ICSE/ CBSE/ State boards). In addition to this, students can refer & order Indian Talent Olympiad’s workbook, Olympiad study app offered from Indian Talent Olympiad, Previous year question papers & Sample papers for every Olympiad examination. Indian Talent Olympiad also provides reasoning books for every class, so that students can prepare reasoning & logical section.

Practice Olympiad sample papers:

Students can avail previous year question papers and sample papers from Indian Talent Olympiad’s website. Solving sample papers and previous year question paper will give fair idea about the difficulty level & pattern of question papers.