How to Prepare for GK Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad’s GK Olympiad has received a lot of recognition and appreciation from students from different parts of the country. Parents and teachers are very happy with the organization to have brought forward general knowledge as a subject of the Olympiads. Little that we realize, GK is one of the most important exams that determines one’s attitude and aptitude. Students who study for attaining general knowledge turn out to be smarter individuals of tomorrow. It helps them to take informed decisions, arrive at right conclusions, and even participate and win various debates. This exam strengthens their knowledge on different happenings in and around the world.

The biggest challenge that parents and even some students face is how to prepare for GK Olympiad. Preparing is nothing but to follow simple secrets that will help you to fare well in this exam.

- Understand the syllabus well in advance. Indian Talent Olympiad’s website has sufficient information about class wise GK syllabus that students can refer to.

- Practice using the Indian Talent Olympiad GK workbook. This workbook is informative at the same time educative. The book consists of topic wise questions from different fields such as current affairs, geography, civics, political science, environment, entertainment, sports and so on. Students find it very interesting to study using this book. You can purchase this book from GK Olympiad Buy Books Button

- Practice for GK Olympiad using previous year’s question paper sets available online at Indian Talent Olympiad. These papers would let students know GK questions that are likely to be asked.

- Read the newspaper and stay updated with current happenings.


General knowledge is one subject that cannot be mastered in a day. Students can enroll for the online monthly Olympiads conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. Register yourself here - Gk Olympiad Register Now Button

These are conducted every month. Students can get to know the type of GK questions asked in the final exam and prepare accordingly.