Olympiad Books


Olympiad books and previous year question papers are made available for students of classes 1 to 10. These study materials are composed in a reader-friendly manner by the subject experts. Various topics are covered under these Olympiad study materials and the content keeps gradually improving as per the class. The content is well-planned and organized in such a way that students can find it easy to read and learn. The questions are all multiple choice. The workbook and previous year question papers come along with the answer keys with a detailed explanation of the required questions.

Olympiad books help students to practice new questions. Practicing questions from Olympiad workbooks can make students good at the topic. Also, students get a fair idea of the actual question in the exam.

Previous year question papers help students examine their strengths and gaps so that they can concentrate on weaker sections. Indian Talent Olympiad understands the exact need of the students. Every question in the question paper comes with the correct answer so that students are in a better position to understand different types of problems. Question papers are created in such a manner that facing the Olympiad exam becomes easy. There are 4 sets of question papers that contain an ample number of questions. The answers and solutions are given in the answer key. Also, OMR sheets are provided to make students used to it and face no trouble during exams.

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