The Monthly Olympiad Toppers are announced every month and awarded suitably for their performance. It is a matter of great pride for students to win the monthly Olympiads and get their names featured on the website. Students, parents and teachers take a lot of effort in clearing the Olympiads and winning it. Indian Talent Olympiad announces winners based on their score, time taken to finish the exam and the maximum number of correct answers. There is no negative marking in the exam, which makes it a little easy for students to score well. However, it takes a lot of hard work, patience and practice to bring a good score for oneself in such exams. Monthly Olympiads give a lot of practice to students. These tests are conducted on different topics that ensure that students are thorough in all topics of the subject. 

The Monthly Olympiad Toppers for the year 2020-21 are displayed on our website. The monthly tests are conducted online in the same pattern as that of annual Olympiads. Students who practice in these tests get a good command over the annual exams. They become ready for the finals. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the main exam. Toppers are not born in a day. Olympiads are not those exams that students can crack just by reading a day or two before the exam. It takes an entire year to become thorough in individual questions and topics asked in the exam. Monthly Olympiad Toppers find it easy to win the Olympiads.

Monthly Olympiad Toppers of 2020-21 are listed below. Students participating in these test series tend to do well in their academics and in competitive exams as they are given with a variety of questions to practice on. Indian Talent Olympiad highlightes students performance and motivates them to perform well in their academics.


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