Online Video Classes for Class 4

The Olympiads despite being described as a very tough competitive test can be easily aced by one when they have a proper strategy, guidance and method to prepare and understand things well in order to remember the information better. The Indian Talent Olympiad in recent times has introduced the video learning classes for class 4, the classes are devised and focus in a way such that it serves to benefit the students of the particular group. The students can choose a subject of their interest and work upon their concept in a new and much more interactive process. The said video classes are currently available for the subjects of Maths and Science. The classes are prepared with an aim to help the willing students prepare well and better for competitive and Olympiad exams keeping interaction as a major factor to benefit the learning experience. It has various other benefits, some of which are listed as follows:

  • Online Video classes for class 4 let the students gain an understanding of concepts pertaining to a subject topic.
  • The visual aspect of the method makes it more impactful than the traditional ways.
  • It is interactive and thus more interesting to students.
  • The above-stated factors combined allow one to retain the learnt information better for a longer period of time.
  • It allows one to learn from the comfort of their very own home.
  • The classes can be accessed with ease from most devices like a phone, tablet or laptop.
  • It only needs basic things as a stable internet connection and a proper browser for a smooth learning experience.
  • Video learning enables the students to learn at their own pace.
  • One can always re-watch a clip of the class in order to understand things better.
  • The videos are practical, informative as well as student-friendly, which saves them much time as well as effort.

A student can further work to track their progress with the aid of various assessments available online, or provided by the ITO itself, right before the occurrence of the examination. The said classes have been planned and introduced in collaboration with educational and subject experts in order to ensure that the student's experience of learning is enhanced and so that one can be provided with a  proper introduction and idea of the subject that interests them. The method gains one's interest and attention making the whole process much easier. These video classes happen to be amongst the various resources made available by the Indian Talent Olympiad for the welfare of interested students. A thoughtful step ahead in these adverse times to benefit learning and education from the security of their homes.

Interested students can now avail themselves of the video classes when appearing for the Olympiad and in order to learn better. The registrations for the same are now open. The topics included are discussed in quite a detail to clear one's understanding pertaining to a subject. Video classes besides the physical resources add to the learning experience, keeping one engrossed and interested in the process. The said physical resources include workbooks, previous year paper compilations, sample papers, test papers, model papers and more.