Science Olympiad Foundation Course

Science Olympiad Foundation Course (SOFC) is the Science Olympiad conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad. It is open for all school students from class 1 to class 10. It trains students in different aspects of Science. The topics are the same as prescribed by schools. It is one of the best exams to identify and nurture future scientists. It encourages students to show their professional talent to the world. It instils a strong feeling of belongingness. It infuses healthy competition among all participants. Students from class 1 to 5 are asked basic questions on science, whereas from 6 onwards they are asked more specific questions. Students from class 7 onwards are asked questions on physics, chemistry, biology and botany. It helps students to choose subjects, understand their area of interest and make informed decisions. Indian Talent Olympiad’s International Science Olympiad (ISO) is to promote scientific values among all participants. It aims to make science an interesting and engaging subject. The questions asked in the Olympiads are such that students are encouraged to apply scientific knowledge to actual life. They have to apply the concepts taught in class to answer the questions in Olympiads. The science exam is an objective exam with no negative marking. It is one of the best exams to test a child’s aptitude. There are two levels in this exam. Level 1 is open to all, level 2 is only for those who have cleared level 1. Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes online registrations, school registrations and even individual registrations for its monthly and annual Science Olympiad.