Olympiad geniuses are not born in a day. It takes rigorous practice, hard work dedication and a lot of confidence to score well in these national exams. Indian Talent Olympiad encourages all its participants and provides simple tips to become an Olympiad genius. Follow the steps below to excel in Olympiad and even in other national competitions. 
•    Go through the syllabus well. Understand the complexities of topics.
•    Set a timetable for Olympiad preparation, and stick to your schedule.
•    Refer to workbooks provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad, study all the topics and sub-topics given in these books. 
•    Practice previous year’s question papers offered by the Indian Talent Olympiad, solve as many sets as possible
•    Keep a timer in front and see for yourself the total number of questions you are able to solve per minute. Analyse the Olympiad question paper, and compare the time required for each question and solve accordingly.
•    Use the learn, assess and improve the method to track individual performance.
•    Compare your performances with the previous ones, understand the areas that require more practice.
•    Participate in online monthly Olympiads conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad to be ready for each topic.
•    Do not leave out any topic as all topics carry equal weightage. 
These are just some of the tips to become an Olympiad genius. We at the Indian Talent Olympiad believe that each and every child is blessed. Children of today are intelligent, it is up to the parents and teachers to encourage, and bring out their talent. National exams such as the Olympiads make children more confident to face other competitive exams.