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Unicus Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad

Unicus Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) have come together to enhance Olympiad experience of all participants. These organizations have entered into strategic partnership to provide the best of Olympiad exams. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Unicus conducts exams for class 1 to class 11. It has a team of experts from various domains who strive to bring out the best in all participants. It is pleased to have dignitaries from International Universities, Artificial Intelligence Experts, Software Engineers, Data Science specialists, as part of its advisory committee. Olympiad exams aim to increase the curiosity levels among students. It encourages questioning abilities in the young minds. It enhances competitive spirit and makes them future ready.

The education sector has witnessed revolutionary changes in the recent times. Today, it gives them a platform where students at national and international levels can compete with one another. It believes that students get to know their true potential only when they participate at such levels. It allows them to dig deeper into concepts taught in class. Unicus Olympiad is held at national and international levels for all participants. It is held offline as well as online. The exam for class 1 is parent/teacher assisted. Teachers or parents are allowed to read the question for participants. Students can participate in 3 Mock tests before the final exam. Students of class 2 to 11 are given 60 minutes to complete the test, whereas those of class 1 are given 45 minutes for the test. The syllabus for class 3 to class 11 include topics from the previous 2 years. The syllabus of class 2, will include topics from class 1.

The subjects offered by Unicus Olympiads are as follows:

  • Unicus Mathematics Olympiad (UMO) – This exam tests students’ knowledge on practical application of Maths. It has questions on High Order Thinking Skills.
  • Unicus Science Olympiad (USO) – It consists of practical application of Science. It ensures that students are able to apply scientific concepts to real-life scenarios.
  • Unicus English Olympiad (UMO) – It enhances grammar and sentence formation among students. It improves their reading and writing abilities.
  • Unicus General Knowledge Olympiad (UGKO) – It includes topics on current affairs, sports, politics, business, entertainment, and everything that is happening around us.
  • Unicus Cyber Olympiad (UCO) – It is a Computer Olympiad that tests students’ knowledge on coding, de-coding, computer languages and lot more.
  • Unicus Critical Thinking Olympiad (UCTO) – It is the logical reasoning exam that tests students’ reasoning abilities. It includes questions on series, numbers, patterns and so on.
  • Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO) – As the name suggests, it is a Mathematic exam, however, it asks different questions that are not a part of the regular Maths exams. The questions here are non-conventional that helps students to strengthen their lateral abilities and problem-solving skills.

Similar subjects of Olympiads can be found at Indian Talent Olympiad. Apart from contemporary subjects such as Maths, Science, GK, Computer, and English, students can also participate in the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) and National Essay Olympiad (NESO). These are two unique subjects with ITO. Indian Talent Olympiad and Unicus Olympiad both follow the CBSE and ICSE syllabus. This is to ensure that students are tested on the same topics that are taught in class. Both the organizations believe that students require additional learning material apart from school textbooks. Thus, Indian Talent Olympiad provides comprehensive sets of workbooks that are designed by subject matter experts. These workbooks enhance existing knowledge. Students who refer to these books find it easy to attempt Olympiads. It also offers sample papers for participants to understand the format of paper.

Unicus Olympiad also provides sample papers for all classes from class 1 to class 11. It provides a familiarity with syllabus covered. It helps students to understand the marking scheme, and the exam pattern. This exam benefits all classes, however, students studying in class 11 can make the most of Olympiads. This is the time when students decide on their careers. Those applying for competitive exams find Olympiads to be very useful. It creates a base for future competitions. The questions asked in these exams are critical in nature. It requires students to use their analytical thinking and find out the right answer.

Some other features of Unicus Olympiads are:

  • India’s first summer Olympiads – Students are already busy studying for their academic exams the whole year. Summer Olympiads ensure that they are in touch with their syllabus even during the vacation time. It is the best way to assess previous class preparation. It identifies the areas that may require more practice in the upcoming academic year.
  • Awards and recognitions – The top 15% students are awarded with a Merit Certificate. Top 5% of students receive Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals based on their performance. Top 3 students registered through their schools that has more than 25 students are awarded with Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals along with a Merit Certificate. Each and every participant receives digital certificates.
  • Free Trial – Unicus offers free trial to interested candidates who want to get a feel of Olympiads. It is an opportunity to attempt any subject of their choice without any payment. This in return helps students to understand the type of the exam, and can decide whether to enroll for the same or not.

Indian Talent Olympiad also works on a similar pattern. It has plenty of attractive features beneficial to students. It offers scholarships worth Rs 1,00,000 to National Rank holders, scholarships worth Rs 40,000 to State Rank holders and Tablets and Laptops for other winners. It ensures that participants feel motivated. It provides Merit Certificates, Medals and other Cash Prizes to other deserving candidates. 

Unicus Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad welcome individual as well as school registrations. It believes that these exams must be a part of the school curriculum. It works with a motive of making students feel motivated. It ensures that concepts are clear right from a young age. After all, future competitive exams are all based on concepts covered in the previous classes. Students must be able to open their thinking horizons and apply analytical skills to questions.

Olympiad exams are the foundation of upcoming competitions at later stages in life. Students who have practiced for these exams, stand a bright chance to tackle any difficult question. This is because of the kind of exposure Olympiads give to its participants. The focus of these exams is to ensure concepts are clear. Whether it is Indian Talent Olympiad or Unicus Olympiad, both these organizations strive together for the betterment of students at large. The best of educational foundation lies in Olympiad exams. Enroll for these exams today.



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