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Dwarka Parichay with Indian Talent Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad is delighted to have entered into a partnership agreement with one of the leading web portals of New Delhi – Dwarka Parichay. It is one of the most sought after portals that caters to the sub city, Dwarka. The portal addresses issues that cater to public concerns, with education being at the forefront. It promotes educational events, sports, business, entertainment and cultural activities for almost a decade. Over the years, the web portal has built credibility and immense trust among all the people living in this area.

Dwarka Parichay works towards the betterment of the student crowd in the area. Looking at its work in the field of education, Indian Talent Olympiad entered into a strategic partnership with this organization. Being a one-stop solution for all educational needs, Dwarka Parichay has built healthy relations with almost all the schools in this area. It works with only one motto – to provide quality education. It was very impressed with Indian Talent Olympiad’s initiatives in the field of learning. The Online Olympiads, which became a huge hit among the student population, has been one of the favourites of Dwarka Parichay.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Online Olympiads are open for students from class 1 to class 10. These are weekly tests held every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday of the month. It becomes easy for working parents to take some out from their busy schedule and involve their children in Olympiads during the weekends. Moreover, students love the Online format of these tests as these are interactive, informative and easy to understand. Students can also opt for the Annual Olympiads that are scheduled in December and February. The subjects in which these tests can be given are:

      1. International Science Olympiad (ISO)
      2. International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
      3. English International Olympiad (EIO)
      4. General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
      5. International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
      6. International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
      7. National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
      8. National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

Dwarka Parichay has published articles about Indian Talent Olympiad on its web page. It seems to be very impressed with the working of Indian Talent Olympiad. Although the news portal writes about the news in Dwarka, it has a strong readership spread across the globe. The work patterns of both these organizations are very similar. Dwarka Parichay rewards Student Toppers every year to encourage their hard work. It organizes various events inviting students of Dwarka who not only excel in academics, but also in extracurricular activities. It supports the student community at large. It identifies talent and shows children the way to nurture it further.

Indian Talent Olympiad also offers scholarships to best performers. The organization grants Rs 1,00,000 to National Rank 1 Achievers. Further, it also grants a scholarship of Rs 40,000 for those who achieve the 2 nd Rank. Apart from this, it also provides Laptops and Tablets to other Rank Holders to recognize their effort. It believes that motivated children become better citizens of tomorrow. Dwarka Parichay’s main vision was to connect all the people of the sub-city and bring them together on one platform. Indian Talent Olympiad, works with a similar vision, where it aims to make students compete with one another on a single platform.

The initiative to start Dwarka Parichay was coined by Mr. Sanjay Mishra along with Mr. S.S Dogra. Mr. Mishra, a Post Graduate in Physics from University of Delhi along with Mr. Dogra, a Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from IGNOUE was associated with the Print Media since 1997. He was actively involved in the field of journalism. His contribution for the development of the sub-city has truly been commendable. The web portal has come a long way since its inception. It has played a very important role in shaping careers of all the children of Dwarka. Its content on education, development, social issues and other concerns has made its presence on the world wide web. Dwarka Parichay represents the pulse of Dwarka.

Dwarka Parichay was also impressed with the quality of books offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. Being in the education sector, Dwarka Parichay understands the importance of content and study material in students’ life. The web portal recommends all its readers to grab a copy of the workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. It understands that students’ requirements can be fulfilled only when they are given quality resources. These books are knowledgeable that provide chapter-wise explanation on topics taught in class. School text books may not be sufficient for those looking forward to other competitive exams. Thus, it is necessary for students to get a copy of Olympiad books and prepare themselves for their future.

Schools can also register themselves either through Dwarka Parichay or through Indian Talent Olympiad for the upcoming Annual exams. Students in large numbers are welcome to participate and showcase their skills at national levels. Dwarka Parichay is a futuristic publication, with a rational approach. It has identified schools in Dwarka that would like to register with Indian Talent Olympiad. After all, quality education is what is required in today’s competitive world. These exams make students ready for all kinds of competitions. It tests their logical reasoning abilities, analytical skills and critical thinking approaches. It prepares their minds to apply theories and concepts taught in class to real-life situations as well..

Olympiads play a very influential role in developing students’ aptitude. Indian Talent Olympiad is probably one of the few organizations that encourages Drawing Olympiad and Essay Olympiad. Dwarka Parichay is also of the similar view that not all students are proficient in Science and Maths. Both these organizations believe that students must be allowed to choose subjects as per individual liking and interest. Only then, they are able to achieve their dreams and be successful in their careers. Thus, Dwarka Parichay urges all its readers to enroll for the Weekly Test Series also known as the Online Tests at Home with Indian Talent Olympiad.

Olympiad exams are the future of tomorrow’s education. The entire teaching and learning domain has witnessed tremendous changes, for the betterment of students. Olympiad exams have already become the talk of the town. In the times to come, these will be a part of regular academic exams conducted by each and every school all around the world. The education sector is the ever-evolving sector that seeks to make several improvements in the way knowledge is imparted to students. There were times when rote-learning was given importance. Comparatively, today we are at an era where practical solutions, real-life problems, application of concepts taught in class are given more value. Dwarka Parichay along with Indian Talent Olympiad work together to fulfill only one motive – to ensure the children of our country become better competitors of tomorrow. It is the right guidance and quality content that makes students confident of their dreams. Both these organizations have joined hands to ensure all our children seek the best in all their endeavors.

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