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Science Olympiad for Class 8

International Science Olympiad for class 8 (ISO) exams for students of standard 8 prepare students for international level competitions. The syllabus of this exam is the same as school syllabus of different boards. Thus, students would be prepared to face the competition at international level. This exam enhances existing knowledge and allows students to explore different types of questions. Workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad provide in-depth knowledge on different topics. The content for the same is designed by experts from different fields of science. Some of the topics included in this book are biological diversity, diseases, structure of the cell, metals & non-metals, pollution, light, respiration, structure of an atom and many more topics. Each topic has chapter wise questions and answers with explanation to correct answers. The Olympiad books for class 8 helps students to study for their school science exam and score well.

Syllabus of Olympiad for Class 8:

  • Chapter 1: Biological Diversity
  • Chapter 2: Disease
  • Chapter 3: Structure of Cell
  • Chapter 4: Metal and Non-Metal
  • Chapter 5: Air and Its Pollution
  • Chapter 6: Atmospheric Pressure
  • Chapter 7: Chemical Reaction
  • Chapter 8: Light
  • Chapter 9: Properties of Substance
  • Chapter 10: Respiration
  • Chapter 11: Stars and Our Solar System
  • Chapter 12: Structure of an Atom
  • Chapter 13: Energy and Its Forms
  • Chapter 14: Soil and Agriculture
  • Chapter 15: Logical Reasoning

Olympiad Workbooks:

Students benefit from thinking about their thinking and their learning. Students of class 8 can participate in International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam to lift their intelligence. Science Olympiad exam supports the student’s ability to learn and grasp things. Olympiad books for class 8 would be a best pick to get thoroughly through various exercises. These exercises are in the form of multiple choice questions, where students are given options to choose. The answer key to these questions comes with fitting explanation about the answer. The topics in the workbook are generally picked up from the school board syllabus. Students can make it convenient to learn the same topics from their school syllabus but in a different way.

Olympiad previous year question paper:

International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam for Class 8 is designed for students who love to experiment with science.As retention is vital to performing well in the exams, the previous year papers will give the students an idea on how much retention is there and how far ahead you still need to go. Another reason for opting to solve previous year Class 8 Science Question Papers is that you get to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. The boredom of practicing the same worksheets repeatedly can be eliminated with the new Science Olympiad previous year paper questions.This can aid preparation as it will give a fair idea of what to expect in such exams.

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