International Maths Olympiad for Class 9 focuses on making them ready for different competitive exams at national and international levels. It covers various topics such as number system, algebraic expression, linear equation, triangles, and quadrilaterals and so on. Each chapter has in-depth explanation, information and questions from various topics. It is important for students to clear Mathematical concepts before attempting such exams. IMO Book for Class 9 has logical reasoning section so that students can improve on their reasoning ability skills. Ample time is given to answer all questions. Students who master Mathematics open different career options for themselves. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in National Mathematics Olympiad as it increases their confidence level.
International Maths Olympiad Class 9


For the Math Olympiad for Class 9, students can benefit from reviewing not only the questions from the previous year, but also the workbooks made available by ITO. Exam preparation can be aided by reviewing sample questions and old question papers. Being less flustered and anxious as a result of knowing what to expect significantly improves the productivity of the students. Students can improve their knowledge and ability to solve problems by looking back over answers from previous years. Class 9 Math Olympiad participants wanting to make the most of these resources should take a strategic approach to the exam. Those taking IMO class 9 can get a head start on their studies by brushing up on the fundamentals and practicing with problems using these resources.


Olympiad exams for class 9 are extremely helpful to all participants, as it gives them unlimited practice. Middle school is one of the most important period in all students’ life. Many students of class 9 experience unnecessary academic pressure. In order to reduce this stress, they must be introduced to Olympiad exams, which gives them a holistic approach towards all subjects. The syllabus for these tests are alongside the school syllabus. It is one of the best ways to test individual knowledge on different topics. Olympiad exams give a lot of exposure to advanced level questions. The questions asked in Olympiads give students a clue on what can be expected in the exams. Class 9 Olympiad exam questions are drafted by experts in the field of mathematics. The subject matter experts understand they psychology of all participants, and thus frame questions accordingly. The class 9 Olympiads have technical questions. The best way to understand these are through practical knowledge. Some of the concepts covered in these exams range from the number system to crucial mathematical concepts, theories such as probability, volumes and surface area. Some topics such as the Euclid’s geometry or linear equations often seem to be nerve-racking for students. A thorough practice in different questions will help them to perform well in class 9 Olympiads. Students can check and compare the syllabus prescribed by school as against as the Olympiad curriculum on our website.
  • Chapter 1: Number System
  • Chapter 2: Algebraic Expression
  • Chapter 3: Linear Equation in Two Variables
  • Chapter 4: Comparing Quantities
  • Chapter 5: Probability & Permutation Combination
  • Chapter 6: Lines and Angles
  • Chapter 7: Triangle
  • Chapter 8: Circle
  • Chapter 9: Quadrilateral and its Area
  • Chapter 10: Mensuration
  • Chapter 11: Trigonometry
  • Chapter 12: Data Handling
  • Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning
IMO Maths Olympiad Workbook Class 9


The IMO book class 9 is just one resource among many made available by ITO to help students get ready for the IMO. An excellent feature of this Mathematics Olympiad prep books is the wide variety of problem types included. The goal of these activities is to assess the students' capacity for critical thinking and problem solving. Students grow in their knowledge of mathematics and in their ability to apply it to new and challenging problems when they practice with exercises like these. Usually, the exercises in a workbook are followed by detailed notes on how to complete the exercises. Students are more likely to remember information when they can visualize the reasoning that went into finding the answers. Additionally, students can use these explanations to better their chances of scoring well on upcoming Olympiad exams.


When preparing for the Math Olympiad, students have the option of incorporating IMO class 9 previous year papers into their studies as a form of self-assessment and feedback on their progress. Students can learn where they excel and where they need improvement by analyzing their results on these papers. This evaluation helps them focus their efforts and seek out additional support in areas where they are deficient. Using old exams as a basis for a study schedule is a tried and true method. These papers can be worked on during designated study times, allowing students to concentrate on a single concept at a time. They can better prepare for the test by using this methodical approach to review and reinforce previously learned material, pinpoint areas of weakness, and focus study time on the areas where it is most needed.
Maths Previous Year Question Paper Class 9


Participating in the annual and monthly Maths olympiads for students of Class 9 can be quite helpful and effective when it comes o mastering the concepts related to the topic. A well-organized study plan can help them cover all the bases, pinpoint problem areas, and monitor their development. By studying diligently and employing a variety of study methods, students can raise their exam scores and overall grades. They will have an advantage over their classmates in understanding the course's concepts and materials because of this. Students can learn more about the Class 9 Mathematics Olympiad by consulting the course description and schedule.


Annual Olympiads are also conducted online. The class 9 Mathematics Olympiad can be taken sitting at home using any tablet or smart phone. This exam is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. Students are given 45 questions from the school syllabus to solve from. All these are multiple choice questions. It is generally believed that the exams that include multiple choice questions are difficult as compared to the exams that use descriptive pattern. Here, students need to read between the lines, understand each and every concept and then arrive at the right answer. The multiple choice pattern makes it compulsory for students to have thorough knowledge of each and every chapter of mathematics.
Students who participate in the annual Olympiads can remember vital points prescribed by the organization. They also understand important questions that they practice throughout the year. The exams are scheduled in a well-structured manner by professionals. It helps students to comprehend variety of alternate ways, using which they can respond to questions. Students are advised to prepare extensively for these tests all the year round. Class 9 lays the foundation not only for the class 10 board exam, but also for other entrance exams. Students can create an excellent foundational base for higher-level examinations.
Indian Talent Olympiad identifies variety of ways in which students can excel at mathematics. These are prestigious exams that not only allow them to practice unlimited questions, but helps all participants to comprehend each and every question well.
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The class 9 monthly Olympiads for mathematics is held every month. It is an online exam that students can attempt sitting at home. The monthly Olympiads are conducted for a duration of 30 minutes. Students are given 25 complex chapter-wise questions to solve from. It acts as regular practice for all participants. There are several benefits to these tests. It allows students to master individual topics, sections and sub sections that is a part of their school syllabus. It develops courage to attempt difficult questions. Students get used to variety of questions from the same topic. The power pack exams are conducted in more than one subject. Those who opt for the power pack can attempt monthly Olympiads in Science, Maths, English, GK, Essay and Drawing.
The syllabus of these tests strictly adheres to all boards. Questions and its solutions are created by mathematic exponents. It helps students to improve their performance. Practicing maths Olympiad through the monthly tests or the demo tests by Indian Talent Olympiad strengthens students’ foundation in mathematics. Regular practice will make maths an easy and an interesting subject for all participants. Olympiad exams induces sound knowledge and command over maths. These can be obtained only when parents and teachers encourage children to be a part of Olympiads.
Class 9 maths focuses on concepts that are further used in class 10. It is thus important to have a thorough understanding of all the chapters. Apart from participating in Olympiads, students can refer to the class 9 maths workbook prescribed by Indian Talent Olympiad. It is a good habit to refer to previous year’s question papers. Both are available online and can be purchased within a click. Visit the Olympiad books section to purchase workbooks today.


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Indian Talent Olympiad has user-friendly web portal that consists of individual student score, rank and all other details. It is easy for students to check their marks in Maths Olympiad by entering their Roll No in the search button on the website. Here, students can also check if their name appears in the Weekly Winner List. This list is updated from time-to-time that consists of details such as Student Name, City, State, Class, Subject, Score, Time Taken, Rank, and Award. Indian Talent Olympiad ensures that marks are clearly stated so that students can understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Online Math Olympiad is held every 2nd and 4th Saturday. These are weekly tests series that students can participate using any smart phone or mobile. These tests ensure maximum practice before the final exam. The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Annual Exam is scheduled to be conducted in December and February. To participate in the final exam, students can register through their respective schools or be a part of these prestigious exams individually. The organization welcomes schools along with individual participants to participate in these exams.

Mathematics Olympiad result are displayed on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Students can enter using their Roll No and check their individual marks. The results are displayed in the Result section on the website. Students can take a print of the online result and use it for future use. These are digitally signed and verified results that does not require any manual authentication. The marks scored in these exams help students to get motivated and challenge themselves to do better in the next exam.