Various organizations across the country conduct International Mathematics Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the premium organizations that have collaborated with schools all over India. This exam is for all boards namely State boards, CBSE board, ICSE board and other International boards. The organization provides study material in the form of IMO Book for Class 5 that contain detailed information on entire syllabus. This exam has become popular since there are many students who are awarded for their excellent performance in this exam. Schools have now started to identify students who want to excel in Mathematics. This exam is for all of those who want to participate in various national and international level competitive exams. Mathematics is one subject that requires a lot of practice. In order to make learning enjoyable, Indian Talent Olympiad’s books are divided into different segments. As an additional benefit to the students, logical reasoning section is also given at the end of the book. Each segment has questions and answers at the end.
International Maths Olympiad Class 5


The successful preparation for the Class 5 Maths Olympiad requires the students to make use of effective study materials, such as previous year question papers and workbooks. Study for the Class 5 Mathematics Olympiad with the help of the subject-specific workbooks and practice from a previous year paper to develop a firm grasp over the subject matter. Many different areas of mathematics and approaches to solving problems are discussed in these educational resources. These materials serve as roadmaps, outlining the subject matter in an organized fashion that facilitates effective studying. Students can improve their understanding of mathematical ideas, their facility with solving a variety of relevant problems, and their ability to think analytically by using the aforementioned supplementary materials. There is a wide selection of these formats for students to choose from to perform well in the exam.


When students enter grade 5, they begin to learn factors using LCM and HCF. They are introduced to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of factors, and decimals. Moreover, they are taught new concepts of ratio and percentages. The geometry section is a little advanced with problems that are based on perimeter and area. They also understand the concept of volume. Students of class 5 learn different methods of solving a problem. They must be encouraged to use their own approach to arrive at the correct solution. Olympiad exams are the best way to inculcate the habit of using individual approaches. The syllabus of Olympiad exam is the same as prescribed by school. However, the same questions are asked very differently in Olympiads. It paves way to free and unrestrained thinking. Indian Talent Olympiad has a team of talented teachers who are committed to ensure that students develop strong logical reasoning skills. Each and every question that is a part of the Maths Olympiad syllabus for class 5 is carefully designed. The analytical skills applied to solve these questions will help students to be applied in all other future competitive exams. Olympiad exams are considered to be all-inclusive that contain reliable information. It is as per the norms prescribed by all boards, namely the CBSE, ICSE, and other State boards. Thus, no matter which board your school refers to, you are welcome to be a part of Olympiad exams.
  • Chapter 1: Concept of Geometry
  • Chapter 2: Number System
  • Chapter 3: Factors & Multiples
  • Chapter 4: Multiplication & Division
  • Chapter 5: Addition & Subtraction
  • Chapter 6: Fractions & Decimals
  • Chapter 7: Measurement
  • Chapter 8: Data Handling
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning
IMO Maths Olympiad Workbook Class 5


Workbooks are among the various resources put out by ITO to help students better prepare for IMO class 5 .One of the most important advantages of the IMO book class 5 is the fact that they provide a diverse selection of problems to be practiced. The students' capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving has been purposefully and thoughtfully challenged by the selection of these problems. Students not only improve their comprehension of mathematical principles by working through these exercises, but they also gain experience in applying those principles in unfamiliar and difficult contexts. They will be better equipped to handle the difficult challenges that they may face during the actual Olympiad as a result of this preparation.


To enhance the learning experience when preparing for an examination, students can make use of resources such as IMO class 5 previous year papers. Further a healthy exchange of ideas, exposes students to different problem-solving techniques, and expands their perspectives. Last but not least, students ought to look at the question papers from the previous year's Mathematics Olympiad as a learning opportunity rather than merely as an assessment tool. Each question presents a unique challenge and provides valuable insights into the intricacies of mathematical problem-solving. Students can derive the greatest possible benefit from solving these papers and improve their overall mathematical capabilities if they embrace the learning aspect and make it a priority.
Maths Previous Year Question Paper Class 5


Students in Class 5 should approach the Annual Maths Olympiad and Monthly competitions with a growth mindset in order to make the most of their participation in them. They should use these competitions as opportunities for personal development and growth. Students are able to gain the most possible benefit from the challenges if they embrace the educational component. Those who participate in this process of critical thinking, learn to think in novel and original ways, gain intellectually, improve their ability to make decisions, and are encouraged to think creatively. Students can strengthen their understanding of the subject matter as well as the associated concepts, which will benefit their studies as a whole, if they prepare thoroughly for examinations using a variety of different resources. They will have a better understanding of the material and the ideas connected to it than any of their classmates as a result of this, which will put them in the lead.


The Annual Olympiads are similar to Monthly Olympiads. These are also online exams conducted twice a year – in December and February. Students can register for any of these slots as per their availability and convenience. The Online Maths Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. Students are given 50 multiple choice questions to solve. Thus, they need to have excellent calculative abilities, so as to calculate all questions and arrive at the right answer. The distractors of the questions are usually confusing. However, those who have mastered concepts well in advance, are able to find the correct answer. The other subjects in which the annual Olympiads are conducted are IScience, English, General Knowledge, Computer, Drawing, Essay and Social Studies.
Olympiad exams offer several benefits to participants. It makes them thorough in the subject of their choice. It helps them to develop their strengths, at the same time work on their weaknesses. It helps parents to understand the academic capacity of their children. Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks in most of Olympiad subjects. These books are full of complex questions, and solutions that are very helpful to prepare for school tests. Those who participate in Olympiads, find it easy to attempt questions in their final exams.
Olympiad exams include logical reasoning as an important section of the exam. This exam tests students’ thinking abilities. It questions their analytical skills. Students have to solve questions based on patterns, relations, colours, series and more other logical parameters. It develops both sides of the young brain. Researchers believe that brain development happens in the formative years of students’ life. Olympiad exams are the best way to train the brain in the right direction.
The website provides all details about the exam. Download the brochure from the website for details on annual Olympiads. To know more about the upcoming Olympiads, and to participate in these exams, please click the link below:
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The monthly Maths Olympiad is conducted every month. It is an online exam that can be taken any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Students can participate in these exams using any smart phone or tablet. The syllabus and the schedule of monthly Olympiads are mentioned on the website. The duration for the Maths Olympiad is 25 minutes in which, students are given 30 questions to solve. The complexity of these questions varies with every test. These tests are conducted chapter- wise, throughout the year.
Thus, it gives a lot of time for students to understand each and every single chapter of Mathematics. The questions in Olympiads challenge students to develop efficient ways to tackle different topics. All sections are prominently featured so as to give equal weightage to all topics. Students who participate in the monthly Olympiads are able to build strong fundamentals. Indian Talent Olympiad believes in making all children capable to develop excellent conceptual knowledge on all subjects. Thus, the monthly Olympiads or the power packs are conducted in Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. Those offering for the power pack exam will be able to participate in all these subjects. It is one of the best ways additional practice can be ensured for students of class 5.
To register students for the monthly Olympiads, please visit the registration page and get enrolled today. All details regarding the exam dates, syllabus, timing, and schedule in available on the website.


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Class 5 Olympiad is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad at national and international levels. It is one of the most important exams that provides holistic development to children. It provides a platform where students can come together and test their knowledge. It builds a good foundation for students who want to excel in academics. It provides immense practice in all subjects. Through Science Olympiad, International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English Olympiad, Essay Olympiad, Drawing Olympiad, Social Studies Olympiad, Computer Olympiad and GK Olympiad students can enhance their existing knowledge. It helps them in their future while participating in other exams.

Indian Talent Olympiad grades top performances as per National Rank, State Rank, District Rank and School Rank. It believes that each and every participant is a winner in himself/ herself. Class rank in Olympiad is determined by the organization. There are several prizes for rank holders offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. National Rank holders who stand 1st in these exams stand a chance to win 1,00,000 cash prize. Other winners receive other exciting awards such as Laptops, Tablets and Scholarships. Achieving a class rank in Olympiads is the most prestigious moment for the student as well as the school.

International Maths Olympiad, or IMO as it is known is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. The Online IMO exam has 30 questions conducted within a time limit of 25 minutes. Students can attempt these on every 2nd and 4th Saturday from any smart phone or tablet. IMO questions are all multiple choice based questions. Students have to select the right answer from the options given. The Annual exam consists of 35 questions for class 1 to 4 and 50 questions for class 5 to 10. The total marks for both sections is 50. The duration of the exam is 65 minutes. Students can participate in the Annual Olympiads through their respective schools. If your school is not participating, Indian Talent Olympiad encourages individual participation as well. The questions asked in IMO are all based on existing school syllabus. It includes a section on logical reasoning that tests understanding and analytical skills of participants. All questions in IMO make students to think out-of-the-box and arrive at the right answer. It makes students use their intelligence in the right manner.