Painting Exam Class 8

Students of standard 8 can participate in International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), a national level drawing competition conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. Painting exam is conducted once a year at National level in respective schools. Apart from excelling in academics, it is important for students to focus on soft skills such as drawing, painting, sketching, and so on. Indian talent Olympiad rewards deserving students with prizes and awards topping in Drawing competition.


Preparation Material for Class 8 Drawing Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the best of preparation material for Drawing Competition class 8. Students can refer to this material and prepare accordingly for the exam. The reference material would provide them the required training to bring out the best strokes and paintings possible. Students can refer to the references, bring out their creativity, take ideas and thus showcase their hidden talent to the rest of the world. The preparation material acts as additional support that can be provided to all class 8 students. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 8

The topics for Drawing Olympiad Class 8 is pre-defined to provide all students the direction and requirements of the exam. It sets the base and expectations early so that students can prepare accordingly. The topics are as such that all class 8 students will be able to understand and deliver well. Drawing is one of the most useful tools that helps the brain to stay focused. It helps the brain to get connected to the hands and eyes ensuring there is complete concentration. Students must be learnt to experiment with strokes, brushes, lines, shapes to bring out their best creative styles. 

- Chapter 1: Pencil Shading

- Chapter 2: Poster Making

- Chapter 3: Object Drawing - Cabbage With Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours

- Chapter 4: Design In A Circle

- Chapter 5: Pencil Shading Portrait

- Chapter 6: Ball Pen Art

- Chapter 7: Water Colour Landscape

- Chapter 8: Stone Age Art

- Chapter 9: Pencil Shading Landscape

- Chapter 10: Coloured Portrait

- Chapter 11: Humming Bird

- Chapter 12: Brush Lettering

- Chapter 13: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad provides Class 8 Drawing book which is available on the website for sale. Students can purchase their books to refer to the different topics, learn to draw right from basics and also improve upon their visualization skills. The drawing books provide students with a unique perspective to make their drawings more realistic. It teaches them how to add life to their drawings. It also encourages them to learn to improve proportion, which is one of the basic tactic of a good drawing. It makes them perfect when they work with shapes. Drawing is very therapeutic for the mind and soul. It helps students to relive their stress and reduce their anxiety levels too. It helps students to tune their expression, difficulty, pain or other such problems into words. It is one of the best ways to understand students’ inner minds and help them in the best possible way. 


IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 8


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), which is an annual drawing exam. Students from different schools, boards and states can take part in this exam. It is conducted at national and international level to promote maximum participation. Winners of the exam are felicitated with exciting prizes such as scholarships, cash awards, laptops, tablets and lot more. Drawing Exam Class 8 by Indian Talent Olympiad is the best way to encourage and improve visualization in all children. Class 8 students may feel burdened with their high school studies. Drawing would be one of the best stress busters for them.

Drawing exam teaches students to put their thoughts together. Students learn to draw with a perspective, understand proportions, color schemes and give out a visually appealing picture. There are different types of drawing that students can learn such as illustrator drawing, life drawing, emotive drawing, geometric drawing, diagrammatic drawing, perspective drawing and so on. Students of class 8 are able to convey an idea, feeling, or emotion when they learn the basics of drawing. To register for the exam please visit the Student Registration page, fill in all your details and register for the IDO – International Drawing Olympiad exam.


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the monthly Olympiad - Drawing Exam Class 8 for all students to give them better practice for the annual Olympiads. It enables them to practice all round the year. Students will not be able to practice just a few days before the exam for the drawing Olympiad. Thus, the monthly Olympiads are a way to enable them to practice the whole year. Freehand drawing helps students to visualize an idea in the form of a sketch. Drawing is a universal language that does not set any geographical boundary. It is something which anybody can understand, provided it has been drawn well.

Drawing is said to be an inherent quality which is likely to be present in all individuals. It is up to the parents and the teachers to nurture this basic skill right from the beginning. School days are the best times to introduce students to such hobbies and develop a unique art form. To register for the monthly Olympiads, please visit the Student Registration page, register for the monthly Olympiad and get ready for the exam. This exam is open to all students and there is no minimum eligibility criterion. Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes all students of class 8 to come forward on the same platform and compete with one another.