Online Olympiad Exams

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts online Olympiad exams for students from class 1 to class 10. It is the best organization that ensures basic concepts are cleared to all participants. It offers immense practice in the form of monthly Olympiads. The monthly tests are conducted every month in Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay, and Drawing. These tests are held for a duration of 25 minutes in which students are given 30 multiple choice questions to solve. Students need to keep a tab on the time so as to be able to complete the exam within the time limit. Students who practice for monthly Olympiads find it easy to attempt questions asked in the annual Olympiads.


The annual Olympiads are conducted online as well as offline. Registrations for both the monthly and the annual Olympiads can be done by clicking here - Schools can register their students for the annual Olympiads. Presently, Indian Talent Olympiad has a wide network of 33175 + schools and a student network of 10 crores + students. Class teachers or subject teachers can register their students. If in any case your school is not a part of these exams, interested candidates can still take part individually. The same registration link can be used for all interested participants.


Online Olympiad Tests

Online Olympiad tests provide the required practice to all participants. It is one of the best ways to prepare for annual exams. These tests help in annual Olympiads and also school exams. Olympiad exams provide overall development to all its participants. Be it online or offline, it is the best way to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses.


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