GK Olympiad Class 8

Students of 8th grade must be exposed to general knowledge questions. This is the right time to train them for national and international competitions. As they enter high school, they are supposed to face different challenges. Indian Talent Olympiad’s General Knowledge Class 8 exam questions are prepared by professionals keeping in mind the competency of Olympiad exams at national as well as international level. The exam includes logical reasoning section which is one of the most important sections as it identifies the aptitude of the student. It helps parents to know student’s interest, so that it can be carried forward in the right way. Indian Talent Olympiad’s General Knowledge books for class 8 prepare students for SSC general awareness by allowing them to solve as many as questions as possible covering all the topics. Students of 8th standard appearing for General Knowledge Olympiad exams remain in the limelight. This is because of the kind of knowledge they gain by answering difficult questions.


Preparation Material for Class 8 General Knowledge Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 8:

  • Plants & Animals

  • Earth & Its Environment

  • Science & Technology

  • Universe

  • India & The World

  • Social Studies

  • Language & Literature

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

  • Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning

  • Life Skills

  • Current Affairs

  • Logical Reasoning


General Knowledge Book:

GKIO General Knowledge Olympiad Class 8


General Knowledge Question Paper:

GK Privious Year Question Paper Class 8



Class 8 General Knowledge Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad:

Annual Olympiad

Annual Olympiads are conducted both online as well as offline. These exams are conducted every year with two rounds of the exam. Round one is December and round two is in February. The topics in these exams are very general. This exam assures that students become more knowledgeable of their surroundings. The GK annual Olympiad is for a limited duration of minutes, in which students are asked several multiple-choice questions. These exams would be the best device for students who want to exceed in their academics.
Annual Olympiads are similar to the final examinations of any school. These exams are taken in the respective schools of the students. The school authorities shall decide the mode of examination - online/offline. Students will be given directions related to the exam by the school. Students registering individually will have the exam in online mode which can be taken from the respective home of the student. Both offline and online exams will have the questions in MCQ format. There are 35 questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 questions for class 5 to class 10 students. Students need to complete their exams within the given time limit. Students achieving excellent marks in these Olympiads are awarded scholarships and prizes.

Encourage students to participate in the Annual Olympiad Exam and improve their academic performance.


Monthly Olympiads:

Monthly Olympiad exams are of great help and prove to be the most reliable tool in the process of preparing for exams. Adhering to the updated syllabus, the subject experts of Indian Talent Olympiad have composed and constructed several different questions for Monthly Olympiad Test. By referring to these monthly tests a student can score good marks in the Olympiad.
These tests consist of MCQ questions that are based on the ongoing syllabus followed by the school board. Students are given questions that relate to the chapters of the respective subjects. A time limit of 25 minutes is given to the students to complete 30 questions which are for 30 marks. Students appearing for Drawing and Essay tests will be given 60 minutes and 40 minutes respectively to complete the drawing/essay on the given topic.
These tests are online proctored tests that maintain complete transparency during the course of the test. Features like video recording, audio recording, image capturing, eye-ball recognition, and screen capturing add on to maintain the integrity of the competition.

Let the students participate in these Monthly Olympiads and experience the competitive atmosphere.
Monthly Olympiad