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GK Olympiad Class 8

Students of 8th grade must be exposed to general knowledge questions. This is the right time to train them for national and international competitions. As they enter high school, they are supposed to face different challenges. Indian Talent Olympiad’s General Knowledge Class 8 exam questions are prepared by professionals keeping in mind the competency of Olympiad exams at national as well as international level. The exam includes logical reasoning section which is one of the most important sections as it identifies the aptitude of the student. It helps parents to know student’s interest, so that it can be carried forward in the right way. Indian Talent Olympiad’s General Knowledge books for class 8 prepare students for SSC general awareness by allowing them to solve as many as questions as possible covering all the topics. Students of 8th standard appearing for General Knowledge Olympiad exams remain in the limelight. This is because of the kind of knowledge they gain by answering difficult questions.

Topics for GK Class 8:

  • Plants & Animals
  • Earth & Its Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Universe
  • India & The World
  • Social Studies
  • Language & Literature
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Life Skills
  • Current Affairs
  • Logical Reasoning

General Knowledge Book:

General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) is a means to identify and encourage the knowledge of children in schools across India. General Knowledge book for Class 8 is composed by the experts who have sound knowledge about the subject. Students are given multiple options to choose from. Content of the workbook is related to the school board syllabus and are drafted using reader-friendly method. They are able to face challenges in a better manner. It makes them confident to answer array of different questions. It bridges the gap between what they know and what they should know at their age.

General Knowledge Question paper:

Indian Talent Olympiad offers well-researched previous year question papers of Olympiad exams. Previous year Questions on GK Class 8 papers would let students get enough knowledge and practice of the content. By solving the questions would help them to see where they lack in their preparation and how to fill the knowledge gap in it. There are 4 sets of question papers provided to the students. Solving one question paper each day is an effective method of ensuring them to stay ahead of others in their preparation. Every topic from the school board syllabus is covered in National General Knowledge Olympiad exam’s content.

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