Last Date of Olympiad Registration

Olympiad exams are conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad in variety of subjects such as Science, Maths, English, GK, Computer, Essay, Social and Drawing. The registration happens through our official website. The last date of Olympiad Registration for the individual student registration is 31st October 2023 for Round 1. The last for the school registration is also 15th September 2023 for Round 1. The slot 2 round 1 exams begin on 08th January 2024.  Parents and teachers still stand a good chance to encourage students from class 1 to 10 to participate in these exams. Conducted at national and international level, students scoring any rank feel motivated. The certificates obtained help them in their future studies. There are innumerable benefits of participating in the Olympiads. These exams make their concepts strong. It helps them to understand the question well and answer correctly. 

Indian Talent Olympiad encourages all those interested to participate and apply before the last date of Olympiad registration. This would give all students a fair chance to try their luck at such competitions. It would also help the realize their capabilities, bring forward their strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling them to prepare accordingly for their school exams.