Social Studies Olympiad Class 10

Class 10 is a crucial year in the lives of all students, parents, and teachers at large. It is the turning point where students need to take key decisions about their careers. Olympiad exams help students to master basic concepts. Social Studies Olympiad Class 10 is open to students from all schools and all boards. This exam gives them the required exposure to different type of questions from the school syllabus. Social Science is a compulsory subject in class 10. It draws it content mainly from geography, history, civics, politics and economics. History includes India and the contemporary world part 2, geography includes contemporary India part 2, political science includes democratic politics part 2, and economics is all about understanding the economic development. Social science is an important subject that requires a lot of practice. Learning history might be tough for students, but with regular practice, students are able to pick up dates, events, personalities very easily. 

Social studies as a subject aim to train students to have participate in the most responsible manner in a diverse democratic society. Learning history may be difficult for students. Mugging up all the important concepts have never been of any help to anyone. Such knowledge is temporary and is washed away from the young mind very soon. Olympiad exam prepares students to remember concepts for a longer time. When students prepare for Olympiads, they prepare from an exam perspective. Thus, this preparation helps them in the long run. It assists their board exam preparation and also helps them when they participate in other national and international competitions. Any award won at the Olympiads holds a lot of importance. It helps them in further admissions to colleges and universities. Participate in the Social Studies Class 10 Olympiad exam to get your facts right and score well in the upcoming board exams.

How to Prepare for Class 10 Social Studies Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad is happy to share some tips and tricks that would assist students in their Olympiad exam preparation. Students who have enrolled for the Social Studies Class 10 Olympiad exam must remember that this is an important exam that would help them in their future. This exam would improve their general knowledge. To prepare for this exam, students must read the class notes well along with the school textbooks. Referring to the NCERT study material always helps. Ask help from your teacher or your parents. Let them be your study guide. Quiz yourself often. Match your study style to the format of the exam. Olympiad exams are all conducted using the multiple choice pattern, so test yourself using the same pattern. This pattern is helpful to remember dates, names of personalities and events. Develop reading skills as social studies is one subject where students need to read a lot.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 10

The syllabus for the Social Studies Class 10 Olympiad exam is available on the website. The syllabus is the same that is prescribed by schools. The objective of the syllabus is to develop an understanding of the present world. Students get to know how human societies have evolved.  It makes students realize that the process of change is continuous. Students develop an understanding of contemporary India with a historical perspective. It deepens their knowledge about India’s freedom struggle, the values and ideals that it presented. It makes students proud of their country and also appreciate the contribution of different people in the country. 

The syllabus is wide. Social Studies Olympiad Class 10 helps class 10 students to cherish the values laid in the Indian constitution. It prepares them to take up different roles and responsibilities in the years to come. It develops an appreciation of India’s great culture, richness, oneness and appreciate the diversity in the land. The syllabus for the Olympiad is the same that is prescribed by schools. It is carefully crafted by subject matter experts who leave no stone unturned in bringing the best out of all participants. It develops social skills such as informed decision making, critical thinking and analytical thinking.

- Chapter 1: British Rule in India

- Chapter 2: National Movement and Era of Gandhi

- Chapter 3: Post Independent India

- Chapter 4: Political development of 20th Century

- Chapter 5: Imperialism

- Chapter 6: World war - 1

- Chapter 7: Post war-Economic depression

- Chapter 8: Fascism, Nazism

- Chapter 9: World War-2

- Chapter 10: UNO

- Chapter 11: European union

- Chapter 12: Great Revolt of 1857

- Chapter 13: Social and reform movement-19th century

- Chapter 14: Cold war

- Chapter 15: Partition of Bengal

- Chapter 16: Muslim League

- Chapter 17: Towards Independence and partition

- Chapter 18: Constitution

- Chapter 19: India and world peace

- Chapter 20: Consumers Rights

- Chapter 21: Democracy and diversity, Political

- Chapter 22: Gender, Religion and Caste

- Chapter 23: Legislature, Judiciary Executive

- Chapter 24: Challenges to Democracy

- Chapter 25: Sectors of Indian economy

- Chapter 26: Money and Credit

- Chapter 27: Globalization

- Chapter 28: Federalism

- Chapter 29: India

- Chapter 30: World-Continents

- Chapter 31: Earth

- Chapter 32: Waste Management

- Chapter 33: Naturals Resources, Regions, Climate

- Chapter 34: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere

- Chapter 35: Map


Class 10 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 10 exam is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad for all students irrespective of the schools or the boards they study in. This exam is important to bring the best out of all participants. It improves confidence, it makes students to focus on concepts. The registration for the exam can be done on our website using the Student Registration button on the home page. Schools can register their students using the School Registration button. Indian Talent Olympiad allows individual as well school registrations. At the end of the exam students would understand where they stand, they can analyze their strengths and weaknesses. They get familiar with distinct ideologies, declarations and engravings.

The winners of the Olympiad are announced after a few weeks of the exam. Some of the competencies that students improve are remembering and understanding, applying concepts, formulating and analyzing the answer, and compiling information together. The exam schedule is available on the website. The social studies Olympiad exam is conducted using the first round. The exams are usually scheduled during the months of December and January after the half yearly exam, so that enough time is given to all participants to prepare for their board exams.