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International Maths Olympiad for Class 6

Mathematics develops power of reasoning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities. Maths Olympiad consists of a set of preparatory material that includes questions on various topics such as triangles & elementary, number system, factors & multiples, integers, data handling and so on. Each topic is covered with multiple choice questions and is provided with correct answers with explanations. IMO book for Class 6 is made to look interesting with a lot of illustrations and teasers. Teachers recommend students to practice all questions given in this book. This helps them to achieve good marks in their school exams as well. The content engages the child thoroughly. Logical reasoning section is given at the end of the book, thus allowing students to get the additional benefit of improving their reasoning skills.

Syllabus for IMO Class 6:

  • Chapter 1: Concept of Geometry
  • Chapter 2: Number System
  • Chapter 3: Factors & Multiples
  • Chapter 4: Integers
  • Chapter 5: Decimal Fractions
  • Chapter 6: Ratio & Proportion
  • Chapter 7: Arithmetic
  • Chapter 8: Basic Algebra
  • Chapter 9: Data Handling
  • Chapter 10: Mensuration
  • Chapter 11: Symmetry
  • Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning

Maths Olympiad Books:

Mathematics Olympiad exam conducts for the students of class 6 by providing referral workbooks. Students are given opportunity to showcase their skills on the national level. IMO Book for Class 6 is an updated version not only for those pursuing Olympiad exams but also for those who want to excel in Mathematics. This workbook holds the content from the school board syllabus. The questions in this workbook are multiple choices. Answer key with proper explanation is provided. The content in the Book is shaped under the supervision of experts in Mathematics background. This book is recommended to the students to improve their logical skills and comprehend different types of questions asked in the exam.

IMO Previous Year Question Paper:

Standard 6 previous year question papers for international Mathematics Olympiad are available for students who wish to practice more and more questions for their upcoming exam. Class 6 IMO Sample Papers are provided by Indian Talent Olympiad. The organization provides previous years question papers with answer key to each paper. It encourages students to solve questions on their own and even check for right answers by referring to the answer key. All questions are multiple choices in nature. Teachers suggest parents to encourage their children to participate in such exams as it exposes them to national & international competition. It helps them to become more confident and answer variety of questions. The question paper set helps students to study for their school mathematics exams as well. Teachers recommend parents to buy the entire set so that it assists them to answer different type of questions. It is the best way to practice and attempt Maths exam.

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