English International Olympiad Class 10

Class 10 is important turning point in student life. Having command over English language boosts the confidence in students to face any competitive exams like English Olympiad for Class 10. Chapter-wise multiple choice questions for class 10 CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IG, and Cambridge, State and International boards are prepared by Indian talent Olympiad to understand the student calibre at national & international level. The content is self-explanatory that focuses on important questions from exam point of view. Each chapter has answer key provided. The workbook is designed in such a way that the students can understand the reason behind the correct answer and they are able to comprehend questions better. Students of class 10 are advised to practice more and more questions so that they become confident of the type of questions asked in their final exams.


Preparation Material for English Olympiad Class 10


English Olympiad Syllabus Class 10


As students enter grade 10, there is already an unnecessary pressure on them to perform well. Some students feel stressed when they enter the 10 th standard. It is believed that if basic concepts are clear, students will be able to attempt class 10 board exams with confidence. To clear fundamentals, they must be exposed to variety of questions. What else can give them unlimited access and practice to questions apart from Indian Talent Olympiad’s online exams? This organization has become a master in drafting advanced level questions apart from the basic ones. The syllabus for the English class 10 Olympiad exam is based on the present school syllabus. Thus, it is as per the norms prescribed by all the boards in the country namely ICSE, CBSE, and State boards.

Teachers recommend that students of class 10 must try and revise concepts as many times as they can. Indian Talent Olympiad provides revision in the form of demo tests. Students can try to finish chapters and concepts that are easy to understand. This would further boost their confidence. Refer to preparation material for class 10 such as Olympiad workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets for practice. These books develop reading and comprehension skills. It helps them to read, and grasp the main theme of the given passage. The focus in class 10 should be on improving writing skills. It is a good idea to prepare character sketches and central themes.

Students can compare the syllabus of class 10 Olympiad with their school syllabus and prepare for the upcoming challenge. It is a good practice to maintain a study schedule so that sufficient time for Olympiad preparation is devoted each day. This exam gives a lot of importance to self-study. The time used to prepare for Olympiads helps indirectly to prepare for board exams too. Students can create a strategy to excel in final exams. Adopting the best study habits is one of the secrets of scoring good marks in class 10 board exam.

  • Chapter 1: Word Power
  • Chapter 2: Clauses
  • Chapter 3: Infinitive, Participle and Gerund
  • Chapter 4: Modal and Auxiliary Verbs
  • Chapter 5: Tenses
  • Chapter 6: Transformation of Sentences
  • Chapter 7: Figures of Speech
  • Chapter 8: Grammar Exercise I
  • Chapter 9: Grammar Exercise II
  • Chapter 10: Composition
  • Chapter 11: Sequencing
  • Chapter 12: Comprehension
  • Chapter 13: Idioms and Proverbs
  • Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning


Class 10 English Olympiad Workbook

EIO English Olympiad Class 10


Class 10 English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper

English Privous Year Question Paper Class 10


Class 10 English Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad

English Annual Olympiad Class 10

The annual Olympiad exam for class 10 is held in December and February. Students can attempt these tests any time as per their convenience. The final exam timetable is available on the website. The Annual English Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. Here, students of class 10 are given 50 questions to solve. All are multiple choice questions with four options. Students have to understand each question, its option and then find out the right answer. The options are at times tricky, thus it is important for students to have thorough understanding of all topics covered in the exam.

Students who score good marks in Olympiad exams naturally score well in the board exams. It is only because of their hard work and dedication that they become successful in Olympiads. These exams are considered to be tough exams to crack. The English Olympiad exam makes students get into the details of grammar with all rules and exceptions. They have a clear understanding of how to write letters, essays and other articles. It becomes easy for them to decide the content that would fill in the first, second and the third paragraph of their write-up.

Olympiad winners are very careful to read words and phrases so that it can be used to write grammatically correct sentences. Olympiad exams teaches students time management skills, which is one of the important skill that all students must learn and develop. Only when students are used to managing their time well, they are able to bring out the best of their thoughts in their answer paper.

Register today for annual Olympiads and see the difference in you. Online Olympiad registrations 2020-21 are open for all aspirants.


English Monthly Olympiads Class 10

The monthly Olympiads for class 10 are extremely helpful as it allows students to prepare for chapter-wise questions throughout the year. These are online tests that can be taken from students’ home. They are required to take these tests using any smartphone or tablet. The duration for the class 10 monthly Olympiad is 25 minutes. Students are given 30 questions from different chapters to solve from. The result of the exam is uploaded on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. The organization announces monthly winners and awards them with cash prizes, scholarships, laptops and tablets.

Students of class 10 can also opt for the Power Packs in which students can apply other subjects as well. The power packs include monthly tests for Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. The class 10 English exam question paper is divided into three parts. Reading, Writing and Grammar, and the Literature. Students should have a clear idea of the entire syllabus to score more marks in the board exam. Olympiad tests help to enhance students’ vocabulary. If students are not sure about the meaning of a particular word, it is a good idea to relate it to the context and understand its meaning. Monthly Olympiads for class 10 prepares students on their vocabulary and helps to improve their reading and writing skills.

Online registration for Olympiads are open and can be done through the website of Indian Talent Olympiad.