Computer Olympiad Class 9

Students of class 9 must be exposed to different International and national level examinations to bring the best out of them. Keeping this in mind Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts Cyber Olympiad for Class 9 exam for students. It also provides workbooks that are rich in multiple-choice questions, answers and explanation to correct answers. The content of these workbooks is designed by a team of experts in the field of computers. These books are very helpful to students who compete with each other at international and national levels. Schools recommend students to practice as many questions as possible from these books as they are all as per updated curriculum. It caters to school syllabus that helps them to score well in school exams as well. All books contain questions on logical reasoning too. It tests the potential of students in solving tricky questions. It enhances thinking capacity of students allowing them to think out-of-the-box. Olympiad exams also focus on logical reasoning abilities of students. Almost all competitive exams include reasoning as a part and parcel of their exam. Indian Talent Olympiad’s computer book for Class 9 proves beneficial for students in the long run.


Preparation Material for Class 9 Computer Olympiad


Syllabus For Olympiad Class 9:

  • Subjective Exercise
  • Mental Ability Exercise
  • Answers And Explanation


Computer Books:

ICO Computer Olympiad Class 9

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