Painting Competition Class 3

International Drawing Olympiad class 3 (IDO) exam for students of standard 3 focuses on encouraging young minds to improve their drawing skills. This exam is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a leading Olympiad exam organization in India. It conducts Olympiad exams in other subjects as well. Parents along with teachers must encourage their children to participate in this exam. Drawing helps to maintain a perfect balance between academics and soft skills. It enhances thinking skills and renews artistic minds of students. Painting Competition enriches their minds and gives them a break from regular studies. The organization rewards winners suitably. This goes a long way in increasing self-confidence amongst students at a tender age.


Preparation Material for Class 3 Drawing Olympiad

The preparation material for drawing competition class 3 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad.  Here, you will get class and age specific content that will help students in their exam. The drawing books are as per the requirement of class 3 students. It is very useful for all participants to enhance their creative skills. Students get step by step instructions on how to draw the perfect strokes in order to get beautiful drawings. Students feel very motivated and satisfied with their own drawing when they refer to these books.


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 3

The topics for drawing Olympiad class 3 are simple, to the mark and as per student capabilities. They are not tested on anything that would burden them. Instead the topics are such that they can relate to it, use their own imagination, thinking power so that come out with beautiful drawings. You will get a list of topics for drawings in the drawing books offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, you can refer to all the topics, practice as per your comfort, use your own creativity and excel in the drawing Olympiad. These are soft skills that are useful for children throughout their lives. 

- Chapter 1: Colour Shading

- Chapter 2: Frog On Mushroom

- Chapter 3: Aeroplane With A View

- Chapter 4: Colourful Snail

- Chapter 5: Ice-Cream Shop

- Chapter 6: Cute Dinosaur

- Chapter 7: Two Happy Bees

- Chapter 8: Different Houses

- Chapter 9: Fairy Tale

- Chapter 11: The Pink Elephant

- Chapter 12: Caterpillar's New Home

- Chapter 13: Little Indian Mermaid


Drawing Books for Class 3

Class 3 Drawing book workbooks can be purchased at Indian Talent Olympiad. These books are designed by experts who understand the psychology of all class 3 students. Although students must be encouraged to draw directly from thoughts that cross their minds, but a little assistance through such workbooks give them more ideas to make their thoughts better. Drawing is one such exam that develops fine-motor skills in all children. These fine motor skills develop special movement in their wrists, fingers and hands that are important for their overall physical development. There is a science behind drawing and thus it is accepted as one of the important skills in today’s times. When students refer to drawing workbooks it encourages visual analysis and makes them mentally stronger. Many experts believe drawing helps to improve concentration, which is one of the most important requirement of today. Students who refer to drawing books develop patience, concentration and the ability to pay attention to detail.

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 3


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 3

The Drawing Exam Class 3 is conducted through the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam through Indian Talent Olympiad every year for all students of class 3. This exam is open to all those interested to showcase their talent to the world. Registrations for the exam can be done online by clicking on the Student Registration button on top of our webpage. You can check the syllabus, buy workbooks, participate in monthly tests by registering on the same page. The drawing Olympiad exam is a very useful exam. Those who practice drawing develop excellent hand-eye co-ordination. It automatically increases individual concentration and confidence. It gives them a new perspective to do things in their own way. It teaches creative problem-solving which is an important skill in today’s world. 

Students who draw and paint as part of their hobby would make them confident about their own imagination. It improves memory, communication skills, and is one of the best stress busters. It gives them a break from their daily mundane routine. It leaves more scope to make their productive in the best possible way. It releases a lot of positive emotions, and helps to get relived from their hidden emotions. It also improves their emotional intelligence making them all-rounders’ in the future.


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 3

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly tests in Drawing Olympiad Class 3 for all those who are looking to enhance their creativity. It is one of the best hobby options for the students to build up since a young age. The monthly tests are conducted every month where students get a chance to participate in the exam and even win exciting prizes. Students who register for the monthly Olympiads can practice daily tests that would give them an idea of what is expected in the exam. It is also an opportunity for them to improve their existing skills. 

It is believed that drawing increases cognitive functions of the brain. Drawing activities are labeled as right brain activities that are known as creative activities. It increases student intuition, produces positive brain chemistry. It helps the brain stem to get thicker which makes them more responsible and confident individuals. Drawing also helps person to remember things better. It helps them in their growing years when they have to draw diagrams in math, science and other subjects. According to study, drawing is considered to be superior to other activities such as reading or listening as it forces individuals to process information in the most creative way possible. Participate in the drawing monthly at Indian Talent Olympiad today.