Painting Competition Class 3

International Drawing Olympiad class 3 (IDO) exam for students of standard 3 focuses on encouraging young minds to improve their drawing skills. This exam is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a leading Olympiad exam organization in India. It conducts Olympiad exams in other subjects as well. Parents along with teachers must encourage their children to participate in this exam. Drawing helps to maintain a perfect balance between academics and soft skills. It enhances thinking skills and renews artistic minds of students. Painting Competition enriches their minds and gives them a break from regular studies. The organization rewards winners suitably. This goes a long way in increasing self-confidence amongst students at a tender age.


Preparation Material for Class 3 Drawing Olympiad

The preparation material for drawing competition class 3 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad.  Here, you will get class and age specific content that will help students in their exam. The drawing books are as per the requirement of class 3 students. It is very useful for all participants to enhance their creative skills. Students get step by step instructions on how to draw the perfect strokes in order to get beautiful drawings. Students feel very motivated and satisfied with their own drawing when they refer to these books.


Topics For Olympiad Class 3:

  • Chapter 1: Colour Shading
  • Chapter 2: Frog On Mushroom
  • Chapter 3: Aeroplane With A View
  • Chapter 4: Colourful Snail
  • Chapter 5: Ice-Cream Shop
  • Chapter 6: Cute Dinosaur
  • Chapter 7: Two Happy Bees
  • Chapter 8: Different Houses
  • Chapter 9: Fairy Tale
  • Chapter 11: The Pink Elephant
  • Chapter 12: Caterpillar's New Home
  • Chapter 13: Little Indian Mermaid


Drawing Books:

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 3

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Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Drawing competition class 3. This exam is held at the national level with number of students from various schools across India participating in it. Books for Drawing exam class 3 are made available to the students. Class 3 Drawing book comprises different topics, illustrations, and creative and innovative ideas. Students practicing drawings are likely to open their vision to see everything out of the box and present them on paper in a creative manner. Colour combinations are also equally important when it comes to drawing. Drawing with beautiful colours looks amazing and pleases ones’ heart. Olympiad Drawing book will help students to practice various different topics so as to score well in the final exam.


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