Computer Olympiad Class 3

Olympiad exams for students of class 3 identifies true potential and encourages young talent to participate at International & national levels. The computer book for Class 2 is designed by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a leading organization that conducts Olympiad exams in different subjects. International Computer Olympiad class 3 (ICO) is one of the preferred Olympiad exams. This exam endeavors deeper thinking provides insights into various concepts and enhances knowledge on the subject. The content is designed by professionals in the field of computers. It allows them to compete with one another at International & national levels. It makes them confident to answer a variety of questions. It enhances the thinking capacity of young minds. The Cyber Olympiad Class 3 exam is based on the school curriculum, thus helping them to prepare for school exams as well.


Preparation Material for Class 3 Computer Olympiad

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 3:

  • Basics Of The Computer System
  • Information Processing Cycle
  • Essential Computer Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Categorized Storage Devices
  • Mental Ability Exercise


Computer Books:

ICO Computer Olympiad Class 3

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Class 3 Computer Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad organizes International Computer Olympiad exams for class 3 and makes it possible for students of class 3 to learn the computer subject interestingly. These exam questions follow the ongoing school board syllabus and are built by the subject specialists. Annual Olympiad exams are different from school exams. They are organized and composed for students to give a rise to their interest and curiosity of learning different things. Apart from theoretical exams, students can take part in such exams to monitor their skillset and develop their learning ability on a nationwide level platform. Schools must encourage all their students to participate in this exam. Schools can decide the mode of exam - online/offline. These exams can be taken in the school during school hours. The duration for the Computer Olympiad is 45 minutes for online and 65 minutes for offline mode. Individual participants shall have their exam in an online mode which can be taken on the scheduled date and time of the examination. Olympiad exam model contains 35 questions for class 3 students with a total of 50 marks. The level of complexity varies as per the standards.

The registration can be made by filling an online form available at the below link.