Online Olympiad Guidelines

Olympiad Guidelines



Dear Parents / Students,

Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced "Online Annual Olympiads" for students studying between class 1 and class 10. The pandemic has severely affected educational sectors all over the world. Considering the current situation; Indian Talent Olympiad is leaving no stones unturned in involving young minds and assuring that the children continue to obtain possible information.

Students appearing for Online Annual Olympiad Exam can appear for the Olympiad Examination just by sitting at home using any Smart Phone. Students need to follow Olympiad guidelines and instructions before appearing for the Online Annual Olympiad Exam.


Olympiad Indian Talent - Online Annual Olympiad Exam



Online Annual Olympiad Exam consists of MCQ based questions. Olympiad question paper is divided into two parts - (Subjective & Logical Reasoning part). Subjective part consists of the question from the school syllabus & Logical reasoning part consists of problem-based figures, series completion, the odd one out, coding-decoding, mirror images, embedded figures, symmetry, and alphabetical test questions.

Complexity of the question paper varies according to the class. For each class, questions are prepared by understanding their knowledge, ability, and reasoning capacity.


Total number of questions: 50 Questions (Class 1 to 10)

Total marks: 50

Centre of the exam: Student's respective home/School

Olympiad Exams of Science, Mathematics, English, GK, Computer, and Social Studies are framed in MCQ format.


Topic Drawing/Essay: 2 Topics (Choose Any One)

Total marks: 50

Duration of the examination: 60 minutes for Drawing /40 minutes for Essay

Centre of the exam: Student's respective home/School

Topics for Drawing & Essay Olympiad Exam will be displayed.






 National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

06th December 2021


17th January 2022


  National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

07th December 2021


18th January 2022


  International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) 06th December 2021


17th January 2022


  International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

07th December 2021


18th January 2022


  General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

08th December 2021


19th January 2022


English International Olympiad (EIO)

09th December 2021


20th January 2022


International Science Olympiad (ISO)

10th December 2021


21st January 2022


 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

11th December 2021


22nd January 2022


**Notes: Students unable to appear for Online Annual Olympiad Exam in December Slot will be automatically shifted to February Slot(February Slot Dates will be shared later)

For more details about exam pattern & schedule visit – Olympiad Schedule and Olympiad Pattern




Website link and unique login credentials (login Id and password) will be provided for each student registered for the Online Annual Olympiad Exam. Mock tests will be provided 10-15 days before the examination date for individual participating students (for Online Annual Olympiad Exam) The mock test depicts the original exam so that student will be habituated to the online exam pattern and environment.




Online Annual Olympiad Exam can be accessed/launched from any device (mobile/laptop/desktop). The uses device should have a front camera/webcam *(Mandatory)Check on the below link to learn "How to take Online Annual Olympiad Exam?"

Video Link:




Parents often worry that Olympiad syllabus may be troublesome for children. That’s definitely not true. The questions asked in these exams are based on school curriculum. It suits all boards namely CBSE, ICSE and other State boards respectively. The questions are objective in nature. Olympiads are the best diagnostic tool. It acts as one of the finest preparation instruments for other competitive exams. It tests their analyzing skills along with the ability to explore various options. These exams form the base for future competitive examinations.

Check the syllabus of Olympiad Exam from – Olympiad Syllabus




Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiad exams at National & International level for class 1 to class 10 in schools across India. A separate exam is conducted for each and every subject for every class based on their respective syllabus. Every Indian Talent Olympiad examination will be conducted in English only. Follow the Online Olympiad guidelines to Prepare for Olympiad Exam.

Click on the link to learn the tips to prepare for Olympiad Exams – How To Prepare For Olympiad Exam






Check the browser is updated.

Do not open multiple browser tabs

Check the connectivity of the device.

Do not deny camera & microphone permission

Close all other tabs of the browser except the exam window.

Do not close the exam window before submitting all the questions.

Click only once on the exam tab.

Do not use any book for rough work.

Sit on a clean table/place with device only.

Do not cover camera/webcam while attempting the exam.

Allow permission to access device camera & microphone.

Do not refresh / reload the exam tab.

Hold mobile phone upright to ensure face visibility.

Do not click the back button of the browser.

Ensure that the rough paper used should be visible in the screen.

Do not use calculator / similar devices.

Use single login only

Do not allow any noise/sound during the examination.

Check answers thoroughly before submitting.

No additional person should be visible to the camera & no noise to be heard during the exam.





- Keep your system and browsers updated to prevent technical difficulties during the exam.


- Students appearing for Online Annual Olympiad Exam shall read all the instructions regarding the exam carefully before performing the original (main) exam.


- Students should keep a track of time (Timer begins as soon as the student clicks on the exam link) as NO EXTENSION IN TIME will be provided. The test will get automatically submitted once the time allotted gets over.


- The student is allowed to take the test ONLY ONE TIME.


- DATE AND TIME ARE RECORDED when the student clicks and opens the exam tab for the first time.


- Once the student clicks on the exam tab, a new window opens. He/she is not allowed to quit/close the exam tab (with/without attempting any question).


- If the exam window is close before submitting all the questions, the marks will not be recorded.


- If closed NO SECOND ATTEMPT will be provided and a note will be displayed stating that 'The student has attempted the test on (Date) at (Time)'.


- Once the exam tab is closed, it CANNOT BE RESUMED (reopened).


First click on the exam tab will be considered as the student IS ATTEMPTING THE TEST and will be remarked as SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION upon closing the test tab. (Note: Do not close any window before attempting and submitting all the exam questions.)


Once the student clicked on the exam tab, he/she not allowed pressing the refresh/reload/back button which is considered as successful submission.


- Students should use device with front camera/webcam. Voice record, video record, eyeball recognition, multi browser detection & image capturing will be automatically started once the student clicks on the exam tab. Note: Students’ score will not be considered if the permission to access the camera/microphone (if asked) is denied/not allowed.


- Students cannot open any other tab while attempting exam as the screen is recorded.


- Student Login is for SINGLE USE only.


- While appearing for exam students are NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AROUND as the Camera will capture the photos while attempting the test.


- The device (desktop/laptop/smart phone) used for giving Olympiad Exam must have good internet connectivity, a webcam/front camera and an updated version of browser (Google Chrome).


- Students should CLOSE ALL OTHER TABS in the browser.


- Students are NOT ALLOWED to refresh the page or use back button of the browser, as it may lead to interruption in the exam.


NO OTHER PERSON except the participating student is allowed to enter the room (space) while the student is attempting the exam.


- For class one and two students – parent/guardian is allowed to sit with the student to READ QUESTIONS ONLY.


- Students are requested to sit on a clean desk/study table with no object except the device.


- Parents/students need to ensure that the room is as quite as possible.


- Rough paper can be used to solve logical problems and should be kept on a desk/study table while attempting the exam so that it is clearly seen by the invigilator. (rough paper should be captured in camera)


- Use of calculator / similar devices is NOT ALLOWED.


- Time remaining for the exam is displayed on the screen.


- Students should check the answers before submitting the exam.


- Students can recheck their selected answers before clicking on finish button and submitting the exam.


- Device (mobile) should be held upright so that the face visibility is ensured by the invigilator.


- Student appearing for Drawing/Essay Olympiad have to unlock the topic by clicking on the exam tab and position the device in such a way that the student is clearly seen while drawing.







Students can select ‘CAMERA’ in case if they need to Directly click the Photo of the drawing sheet & UPLOAD IT.   OR   Can select ‘UPLOAD FROM GALLERY’ option to upload photo from the gallery of your phone.



- On the Exam Day, students can login into their profile between allotted times.


- The moment student clicks on the exam tab, the ‘COUNT DOWN TIMER’ starts.


- 2 Topics will be provided under drawing subject. Student can draw on any one topic.


- Students have to draw the drawing in the A3 size drawing paper.


- Student should complete the drawing in one side of the page only; as only one image can be uploaded.


- In the Logged-in profile; ‘UPLOAD FILE’ option is provided.


- Students will get TWO OPTIONS after clicking on the ‘UPLOAD FILE’ Button –


- Students should always consider TIME LEFT while drawing because the time is limited & after 60 minutes the ‘UPLOAD FILE’ button will automatically disappear & the test will END AUTOMATICALLY.


- We suggest students to utilize the time cautiously while drawing & Uploading the drawn picture.


- The student should upload the drawn image / written essay within the time limit given.


- Time for drawing/writing and essay is 60minutes/40minutes respectively.


- While drawing on the given topic, the phone/laptop must be kept on a distance with its ‘FRONT CAMERA’ facing the student; making sure that the student is completely seen while drawing.


- While taking the test, from the start time of the Test till the end of the test, the phone/laptop’s front camera will automatically start recording the test video &will take pictures timely along with recording audio in surrounding.


- During the Test time, the student must not move from the place until he/she uploads the drawing.


- Phone OR Laptop must be placed in such a way that in the camera student’s face & upper body are getting covered while taking the test. (As shown in the below Image).




- It is recommended that each and every participant must read and understand all the terms & conditions of Online Annual Olympiad Exam.


- Online Annual Olympiad Exam is based on MCQ pattern (except Drawing/Essay).


- System and browsers should be kept updated in order to prevent technical difficulties during the exam. The Indian Talent Olympiad management shall not be responsible for the outcome caused due to any occurrence like Power Failure, Slow Internet Speed, Internet Failure, etc.


- After submission of Online Exam, the exam invigilator shall verify for any malpractices – through voice recording, video recording and random image captured at the time of exam.


First click on the EXAM TAB will be considered as the student is attempting the test and will be remarked as SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION upon closing the test tab. Do not close the exam window before submission.


- Once the test starts (new window opens showing the questions), it should not be closed before attempting all the questions. If closed NO SECOND ATTEMPT will not be provided and a note will be displayed stating that 'The student has attempted the test on (Date) at (Time)'.


- No second chance will be given to the student to retake the test. If the student has closed the test window without submitting or attempting the complete test, it will be considered as a SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION. QUESTIONS RELATED TO THE SAME WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.


- The student has to make sure that the internet connection and power supply is proper to avoid any interruption in the test. Indian Talent Olympiad is not responsible for any such failure and questions raised on the same will not be entertained.


- The student needs to make sure that the device (mobile/laptop/desktop) used for taking the test is charged enough to avoid any interruption while taking the test. Student should make sure that the internet connection is proper in case of data plan or Wi-Fi connection.


- If the exam window is reloaded/refreshed/closed, then it will be recorded as the "SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION". Questions raised on the same will not be entertained.


- If the test gets interrupted due to any of the above-listed points; the test will be recorded as the "SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION". Questions raised on the same will not be entertained.


- While appearing for exam students are not allowed to look around as the Camera will capture the photos while attempting the test. If the image captures any other person except student, the student will get disqualified. Video recording is done at the time of test only.


- During the test, if any malpractice is observed in image captured, in audio& video recording, the student will be disqualified. No questions related to this are entertained.


- Throughout the exam multiple images are captured randomly, video and voice is recorded till the exam is completed for any prompting of answers.


- Students cannot open any other tab while attempting exam as the screen is recorded. If found, student test is terminated. No questions related to this are entertained.


- Online exam rules are very strict and are important part. Therefore, it must be considered with priority and no negligence of rules will be tolerated.


- The audio/video recording and image captured during the exam will not be provided to any student/parent/guardian/ school principal/school in-charge teacher as it is strictly confidential according to the Privacy Policy of Indian Talent Olympiad. No questions related to the same will not be entertained.


- The announced result of Indian Talent Olympiad will be full and final. Since it is an “Online Examination”, there will be no revaluation.


The decision of management is final and irreversible, the questions related to the same are not entertained.


- Upon completing the registration process, you are agreeing to all T & C set by Indian Talent Olympiad. Students/Parents cannot question management’s decision at any point.


- If you register with Indian Talent Olympiad, you are agreeing to receive messages and call from Indian Talent Olympiad.


- If there is any threatening/illogical argument regarding the results even after primarily agreeing to all the terms & conditions, the Subscription & Scholarship of the said participant will be terminated & results will be discarded.


- Any disputes will be subject to the Legal Jurisdiction of Mumbai.


- If any termination of the exam is down by management thereafter no award will be rewarded to the respective student.


Indian Talent Olympiad’s Decision is full & final and is irreversible.


Participation shall be terminated/disqualified if any illogical argument is done.