Science Olympiad For Class 3

International Science Olympiad Class 3 exam is designed for students who love to experiment with science. Books for this exam are based on the existing school syllabus. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading organizations that has crafted quality content in workbooks for a science exam. All questions asked are of multiple choice with options for the same. The syllabus for this exam is the same as the school syllabus. Schools recommend using these books for practice. It helps them to enhance their existing knowledge on various topics such as food, transportation, communication, birds, plants, animals, the human body, and a lot more. The book has several practice questions with a logical reasoning section at the end. Answers to all questions with explanations make it easy for students to study for the exam. Teachers recommend all students to purchase this book so that it becomes easy to solve questions asked in the school exam as well.


Preparation Material for Class 3 Science Olympiad - 

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 3 - 

The syllabus for the International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam class 3 is set as per the standards of different boards namely CBSE, State, and ICSE boards. It adheres to the school syllabus, thus, provides extra practice for all participants. The motto of the Olympiad exam is to boost knowledge in the right direction. Indian Talent Olympiad strives to provide relevant content of high quality. Subject matter experts ensure that all topics and sub-topics include minute details, so as to make learning a fun activity. The syllabus includes a variety of varied difficulties to ensure an enhanced level of understanding. Parents can compare their children’s textbooks syllabus with the Olympiad syllabus below. It would give them an understanding of the necessary topics that would be included in the Science Olympiad exam.

Science is one such subject that requires students to master scientific concepts. Indian Talent Olympiad believes in empowering young minds with as many practical question sets as possible. It includes questions from varying levels of difficulty. It is important for students to study well for these exams. The syllabus not only includes chapters from the school curriculum, but also from different sections such as logical reasoning and the higher order of thinking categories. These sections may not be a part of the school syllabus, but form an integral role in Olympiads. It allows students to activate both sides of their brain. These are similar to mental activities that churn the brain to think out of the box. Olympiad syllabus gives a lot of importance to practical learning. It believes in allowing students to choose what they want to study and gives them an edge over learning.

- Chapter 1: Food

- Chapter 2: Transport and Communication

- Chapter 3: Housing and Clothing

- Chapter 4: Birds

- Chapter 5: Plants

- Chapter 6: Animals

- Chapter 7: Living and Non-Living

- Chapter 8: Human Body

- Chapter 9: Weather and Sky

- Chapter 10: Light and Sound

- Chapter 11: Logical Reasoning


Olympiad Workbooks - 

Science Olympiad Class 3 is constructed considering the learning and grasping ability of class 3 students. Class 3 students learn about living and nonliving things, kinds of plants, parts of a plant, bodies of animals, eating habits of animals, birds and their bodies, nesting habits of birds, the human body, safety, and first aid, air-water, and weather, rocks, and soils, the Earth, our environment, etc. Science Olympiad books for class 3 take into consideration the topics and syllabus from all school boards. Multiple choice questions with answer keys to analyzing the concepts of science.

ISO Science Olympiad Class 3




Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper - 

We all have heard the saying practice makes perfect which means that the more you practice something, the better you will get at it. The same rule applies to solving previous year National Science Olympiad Question Papers for Class 3. When you solve a problem, again and again, you will understand a formula better or memorize the steps better which will help you to improve your performance with time and do excellently in exams. Class 3 students attempting for International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam can have a resource from the previous year question papers for Olympiad exam preparation. These question papers comes with practice OMR answer sheets and answer key.

Science Privous Year Question Paper Class 3




Class 3 Science Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads are conducted on the same pattern as the monthly Olympiads. The difference being that, the annual Olympiads are conducted once or twice a year. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts these exams in two slots, December and February respectively. Students may participate in any of these slots and make the most of the exams. The annual Olympiad is conducted both online and offline.

Students having offline exams will have a time duration of 65 minutes for completing the exam. Students need to mark the correct answers to the questions within the time boundary. School in-charge teachers will be supervising the students during the exam as these exams will be taken within the school premises.

The online exams can be taken from any smartphone or tablet. The duration of the online Olympiad is 45 minutes for International Science Olympiad (ISO). The Drawing is conducted for a duration of 60 minutes, and the Essay is conducted for 40 minutes. Students opting for the 45-minute exam must answer all questions within the time limit. Students opting for the Drawing and the Essay exam must upload pictures within the given time.

Indian Talent Olympiad has brought various developments in its exam structure. Online Olympiads are one of the most successful developments seen in recent times. To ensure transparency in these exams, it uses artificial intelligence and updated software programs. The online exam feature uses audio recording, video recording, facial recognition, and eyeball recognition to ensure fair practices of the exam. Parents/ guardians are requested to supervise children.




Monthly Olympiads - 

Indian Talent Olympiad believes in providing the best in the field of education to all its students. With a view to bringing the best foot forward, it has introduced the monthly Olympiads. These exams are conducted every month for students to practice for the annual exams. It adds to the existing knowledge and sets a foundation for their future. These can be taken in Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, Drawing and Essay respectively. Students can participate in any subject of their choice, or opt for the Combo Pack, in which four subjects are inclusive (Science, Maths, English, GK). The fees for these tests are kept minimal with a view to encouraging maximum participation. Students can also buy workbooks to practice for the monthly online Olympiads and outshine in the finals. Monthly Olympiads also have practice tests that students can take before the final exam. It helps them to prepare for regular school unit tests and thus become thorough before the main exam.

There are immense benefits for students of class 3 who participate in these online tests. These are similar to demo tests or trial test series that allow students to understand the format of the final exam. It gives them immense practice and helps them to gain familiarity with the type of questions asked. The online monthly tests are conducted for 25 minutes. It has 30 questions for students to solve. The total marks are 30. All questions use the multiple-choice format with one correct answer and three incorrect answers. Olympiads make students analyze the question well, before arriving at the right answer. It helps them to differentiate the right from the wrong ones. It ensures proper understanding of questions.

Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive five subjects for Practice Live Test with Score



Live Online classes:

The Indian Talent Olympiad has in recent times introduced live online classes for the students participating in the Science Olympiad class 3, these provide them with the opportunity to experience impactful learning. These classes have several benefits:

1.    It provides the students with the chance to have one to one interaction with the teacher, virtually and understand things better. 

2.    It allows one to learn with proper attention, interaction and care from the teacher itself.

3.    The students get access to the class from any and multiple devices as per their convenience.

4.    It greatly aids the students to clear doubts in a simpler, easier and effective way with an informative interaction.

5.    The students gain confidence upon their learning when they understand their subject better and in depth.

6.    The classes happen to be quite interactive which helps the  students develop a better understanding of the subject.

One can register for the classes here:




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Class 3 Science Olympiad FAQs

How Do I Prepare For Olympiad Class 3?

To prepare for Olympiad class 3 students need to understand the syllabus very well. Although the syllabus is the same as per school, there are sections that are a little different from school textbooks. These are considered to be tricky as these questions require students to master concepts. Indian Talent Olympiad offers workbooks that are rich with a variety of different types of questions. These can be purchased from the official website of the organization. It also provides previous year’s question paper sets. When students practice questions from these sets, they become confident to answer all questions asked in the Annual Olympiads.