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Science Olympiad for Class 10

Indian Talent Olympiad’s highly qualified subject teachers have analyzed the syllabus of International Olympiad exams. The science Olympiad for class 10 caters to all boards namely State boards, International boards, CBSE & ICSE boards. It is one of the most popular exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad(ITO). Workbooks for the same are designed by subject teachers who have thorough knowledge in the subject. Students who appear for this exam hold a fair chance of scoring well in their upcoming board exams. They are exposed to different questions that becomes easy to solve with rigorous practice. The topics included in class 10 Science Olympiad exams are acid, base & salts, life’s internal secret, reproduction, regulators, electromagnetism, world of carbon compound and so on. Questions are strategically framed and correct answer key is given along with explanations. All chapters have multiple-choice questions for students to answer. It also includes logical reasoning section to practice. The Olympiad book for class 10 helps them to participate in other International & National exams as well.

Syllabus of Olympiad for Class 10:

  • Chapter 1: Acid, Base & Salts
  • Chapter 2: Life's Internal Secret
  • Chapter 3: How Do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Chapter 4: Wonders of Life
  • Chapter 5: Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chapter 6: Regulators
  • Chapter 7: Electromagnetism
  • Chapter 8: School of Element
  • Chapter 9: Amazing World of Carbon Compound
  • Chapter 10: Mapping of Genes
  • Chapter 11: Our Environment and Management
  • Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning

Olympiad Workbooks:

Science is one of the important subjects in Class 10 and it plays a crucial role in choosing the career stream in the Class higher secondary level. So students who want to shine in the stream of Science must score high in the Class 10 Science. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) introduced Science Olympiad exam which will help students in their preparation for the board exams. Olympiad books for class 10 are designed by highly qualified teachers keeping in mind the school board syllabus. Students, by practicing the Olympiad questions, get used to the topics and are able to score good in their final exams. Workbook consists of answer keys along with detailed explanation of the topic.

Olympiad previous year question paper:

Previous Year class 10 Science Question Papers help students practice well and manage their time well as well as accuracy for the exam. In order to be able to tackle the challenge, students will have to take the help of previous year Question Papers.By referring previous year class 10 Science Question Papers, students get the necessary information about syllabus and topics covered in the exam. Students will be able to understand this on the basis of previous year question papers for International Science Olympiad (ISO) exams.Students familiar with question format and nature will take less time to answer the same during the actual exam.Based on the topics that are common in last few years question papers, students will be able to predict the trending topics that will be covered in the examination.

What is class 10 Olympiad exam?

Class 10 Olympiad exam is one of the prestigious examinations conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad at national and international levels. It brings together students from different boards and different schools on the same platform to compete with one another. This exam tests true knowledge of students and helps them in their careers. It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of participants. It requires dedication, practice and a lot of hard work to succeed in this exam. It holds a lot of importance in the participants’ future. Students who crack these exams excel in all fields.

How do you get full marks in Olympiads?

To get full marks in Olympiads, you need to practice really well before the final exam. Refer to as many books as possible. Practice from different sources. Get hold of previous year’s question papers. Be thorough in each and every chapter, section, and topic. Do not leave out even a single question. Check your answers before submitting. There are several students who score full marks in Olympiads and win exciting prizes. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading Olympiad organizations that provides scholarships, cash prizes and other rewards such as Laptops and Tablets. Several of its students have achieved all of these awards. For more details, please visit the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Getting full marks in Olympiads is indeed a dream come true. Let’s fulfil this dream at Indian Talent Olympiad.

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