Elementary Drawing For Class 5

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam, which is a national level drawing competition for students studying in standard 5. This exam is conducted by respective schools who have tied up with the organization. Elementary drawing for class 5 is one exam that tests creative skills of students. Drawing is used to express one's creativity, and therefore has been prominent in the world of art. Drawing for Class 5 lessons are an essential aspect of nearly every art class. Drawing lessons familiarize students with a variety of drawing techniques and materials. Students learn to utilize art qualities, familiarize themselves with various mediums, technical skills, subjects, artists, and genres. Schools must encourage all its students to participate in this exam and practice drawing different topics by referring to drawing books.


Preparation Material for Class 5 Drawing Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the best preparation material for drawing competition class 5. These material are available in the form of workbooks which students can refer to for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam. The reference material helps students to get an idea about how to draw, how to finish and even color the entire picture to make it appealing to the eyes. The preparation material acts as a guide to encourage students to do well in the drawing exam. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 5

The topics for drawing for class 5 students is defined by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is at par with the requirements of today. Drawing Olympiad Class 5 has exactly the same topics, which experts believe students will be able to focus on. The list of topics is given in the workbooks and even on our website. Students who practice a variety of topics for the drawing exam, automatically become an expert in the subject. They develop the ability to recognize edges. It becomes easy for them to understand the proportion and even the perspective of drawing. The topics allows students to put together their imagination, perspective, color schemes, and thus putting their ideas together to form a beautiful piece of art. 

- Chapter 1: Basic Outline Practice

- Chapter 2: Vegetable Print Tortoise

- Chapter 3: Three Ducks In A Pond

- Chapter 4: Finger Print Painting

- Chapter 5: Gradation In Lotus

=- Chapter 6: Butterfly Using Reflection Technique

- Chapter 7: Landscape With White Outline

- Chapter 8: Stencil Printing

- Chapter 9: Warli Painting Using Roller

- Chapter 10: Lattering - India

- Chapter 11: Stainglass Styled Design

- Chapter 12: Scrapping Technique

- Chapter 13: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 5

Class 5 Drawing book can be bought online from our website at nominal cost. These are workbooks that help students to prepare for the class 5 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam. Students can refer to these books and even use the same for the other similar drawing competitions. The drawing books introduces the them to fine art drawing, diagrammatic drawing, geometric drawing, analytical drawing, architectural drawing and so on. It is believed that each and every one of us can draw as long as we can hold a pencil. Thus, the only thing required here is practice, right references and the inclination to draw better. Even without natural talent students can learn to draw in their young age when they are exposed to such competitions. With enough motivation and dedication, it is very easy to develop this skill. Taking the first step is never too late, parents and teachers must encourage children to participate in this exam.

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 5


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 5

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Drawing Exam Class 5 for all students who want to win a name for themselves in art. It invites all budding artists to take part in this exam and show their talent to the world. The Olympiad exam is conducted every year to bring all students on the same platform. To participate in this exam please visit Student Registration page and register for your child. The registration process is simple and can be completed just by a click. It is believed that students who learn to draw from their childhood become intelligent and artistic in their future. Creative people who make their way in art are likely to be more intelligent than others. 

Art therapy is a theory where researches believe that it is one of the best stress reliever.


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 5

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Drawing Exam Class 5 through monthly Olympiads that give students the chance to practice throughout the year for the exam. The monthly tests give all class 5 students a fair idea on what to practice for the annual Olympiads. Drawing is a skill that requires a lot of practice and determination. To achieve good results in drawing, students need to master each and every stroke regularly. It is an important subject that helps students in their overall development. It is one of the important skill for students who want a break from their studies. It helps them to relive anxiety and stress.

Students must be encouraged in whatever they draw with constructive feedback from time to time. Indian Talent Olympiad guides students to improve their drawing, at the same time awards the winners with exciting prizes. Every month it announces winners who have outperformed themselves in their creativity. This acts as an inspiration to the winners, and at the same time motivates others to perform better the next time. Students when they draw, create a representation of what is inside them through which parents and teachers are able to understand them better. Participate in the class 5 monthly Olympiads to bring out the best in all children.