Elementary Drawing Exam Class 6

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) is the platform for creative minds to exhibit their creativity at national level. Students use their imagination as a resource and express it through drawing, colouring, painting, collage. This exam is a drawing and painting competition that is organized in respective schools all over the country. The organization provides Class 6 drawing book that are informative, educative and enhances learning experience of students. It becomes very easy for students to learn basic drawing, master strokes and come out with a fantastic picture. The confidence and ability of students gets a boost as they participate at National level and experience the competitive atmosphere. Each student is encouraged by special recognitions from Indian Talent Olympiad.


Preparation Material for Class 6 Drawing Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the finest preparation material for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) to all participants. The preparation material is in the form of workbooks that can be bought from our website. Students can refer to these books to improve their drawing skills and thus do well in the Drawing Competition class 6. The workbook references prove useful to practice for any similar drawing exam. Drawing is a skill that can be learnt at any age. Students can spend 1 hour daily on drawing to improve their creative art works.  


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 6

The topics for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam are as per the understanding of class 6 students. Here, students can practice all topics in advance using their own creativity and skills. Those who draw every day become professionals within no time. Students can refine their skills and would further help them to improve their motor memory quickly. Students become more efficient in finishing a piece of art work to the best of their capabilities. Drawing helps students to keep looking for opportunities to keep them busy in the most productive manner. Once students get a hang of drawing, they will outshine themselves in the Drawing Exam Class 6. 

- Chapter 1: Vertical Blending

- Chapter 2: Horizontal Blending

- Chapter 3: Warli Painting

- Chapter 4: Design In A Circle

- Chapter 5: Two Fish - Pastel Resist Technique

- Chapter 6: Wild Africa

- Chapter 7: Object Drawing - Brinjal Using Oil Pastels And Poster Colours

- Chapter 8: Doodle Art

- Chapter 9: Memory Drawing - A Village Scene

- Chapter 10: Object Drawing

- Chapter 11: Designing A Hand Bag

- Chapter 12: Pencil Shading Landscape

- Chapter 13: Lettering Sea World

- Chapter 14: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 6

Indian Talent Olympiad provides drawing books for class 6 students. These can be purchased from our website. The workbooks are created by experts who understand the nuances of art. The books help students to visualize better and help them in their creative thinking. At times students may make mistakes, however imperfections and such mistakes are important in the process of great art making. It is said there is no perfect artist, but drawing books provided by Indian Talent Olympiad would help students to become better artists then they were before. Drawing helps students to focus. They become better listeners. It relieves stress and improves productivity. It also helps them in memory retention. The drawing books focus on the basics such as the shapes. Any object that we see around can be constructed using any of the shape. Thus, it is important to learn combinations of shapes to come out with flawless art works. Class 6 Drawing book proves useful to all students in the long run.

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 6


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 6

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam for class 6 students. It gives them the chance to draw and show their hidden talent to the rest of the world. The organization gives a chance to all school children to come forward and participate in this exam. Students can register themselves on our website for the exam. The registrations are open for all interested students. Exam syllabus, topics, rules, prizes for winners and all other details are available on the website. Drawing Olympiad Class 6 enables students to come on the same platform, win prizes for themselves, their schools, and even their country. It is one of the prestigious exams of today. 

Students who practice for the drawing exam must be very good at drawing straight lines, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, angles and other such lines. Students of class 6 are slowly introduced to sketching which is an art in itself. Hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, scribbling, circling, rendering, smoothening, shading, and blending are some of the features of sketching that are part of the exam. Students who participate in the International Drawing Olympiad find a lot of improvement in themselves as compared to before. From simply random scribbling they move to controlled scribbling which is much more beautiful to look at. 


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 6

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly tests in the form of Drawing Olympiad Class 6. Here students are invited every month to be a part of the test and practice for the annual Olympiad. It ensures that students are regularly in touch with the drawing and there is a regular practice too. When students practice on a daily basis, students train their mind to release and make new connections. It opens new pathways and avenues to all children. When students draw, they naturally use both sides of the brain. Thus, makes them better in creativity and even in logical reasoning. This further strengthens their mind to focus strategically. 

Indian Talent Olympiad gradually introduces students to create a meaning and a visual effect from their drawings. They are taught how to give life to common objects such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, animals, birds, and nature. Students who practice drawing get connected deeply to the world around us. They develop brain-hand-eye co-ordination that is good for the psychic well-being of all individuals. The monthly tests are simply the best way to bring the best out of all participants. Drawing is one subject where students will require a lot of practice. Thus, the monthly Olympiads would provide them the required practice and exposure well before the main exam.