Drawing Olympiad Class 2

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exams for students of class 2. This exam is conducted in respective schools who have tied up with the organization. It is national & international level competition where students from all over the country can compete with one another. Indian Talent Olympiad gives the creative souls a platform to showcase their hidden creativity. Class 2 students at this stage, learn to build own personalized drawings. Students start gaining various skills and confidence to draw in real time using variety of different mediums. They begin to improve and perform magnificently. Art Competition helps students to focus on enhancing their creative skills. It helps students to explore their thinking capacity and boost imaginations. Students are awarded based on several parameters that include creativity, colours used, neatness and originality.


Preparation Material for Class 2 Drawing Olympiad

Drawing Competition class 2 preparation material is available at Indian Talent Olympiad in the form of workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets. Apart from that is always better if students are ready with other material such as drawing sheets, A4 size papers or drawing books, crayons, sketch pens, water colors and other such material required for them to draw. Class 2 students must be allowed to experiment on their own so that they are able to bring out their inner feelings and observations. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 2

The topics for Drawing Olympiad Class 2 are as per the understanding of children. They are given simple topics that are relatable by all participants. The topics are simple so that students know what to draw and can draw as per their imagination. They are free to express themselves using colors of their choice. When children draw straight from their minds, it becomes very interesting for parents and teachers to see their hidden thoughts. Drawing is one such subject that students can develop slowly as they age. It is best when this subject is introduced when they are still little. 

  • Chapter 1: Two Colour Blending
  • Chapter 2: Patterned Landscape
  • Chapter 3: Tortoise On Vacation
  • Chapter 4: Fish Aquarium
  • Chapter 5: Going To School On A Rainy Day
  • Chapter 6: Tea Pot
  • Chapter 7: Colourful Lanterns
  • Chapter 8: Fruit Bowl
  • Chapter 9: Two Little Fishes
  • Chapter 10: My Mini Train
  • Chapter 11: Fun In The Water Park
  • Chapter 12: Three Little Birds
  • Chapter 13: Design On A Vase


Drawing Books for Class 2

Class 2 Drawing book by Indian Talent Olympiad helps all students to prepare for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam. The books are student friendly that allows to practice different topics. Students can refer to these books, take guidance by the drawings in the books and can either recreate the same or come out with something better. Drawing books are generally attractive, but the ones offered by Indian Talent Olympiad has won the hearts of many. Parents can purchase these books online from our official website and guide children about using the same. These books are always handy for students to learn more about shapes, strokes, designs and colors. 
The books are crafted by knowledgeable artists and drawing experts who understand the requirements of today’s generation. It enables them to look and draw using the same or a different perspective. Class 2 drawing books are very useful for students to refer to other competitions other than the Olympiads. 

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 2


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 2

The annual drawing Olympiad class 2 is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. This is a prestigious exam that tests the skills of school children. It brings students from different schools, backgrounds, boards, states, cities on the same level. It is conducted once a year for all interested students. The registration for this exam can be done through our website by clicking the Student Registration button. The motive behind conducting the annual Olympiad is to bring the best out of each child. It is believed that there is an artist in every child. They only require proper guidance, backing and motivation from elders to bring out this hidden talent.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam using the online as well as the offline mode for all class 2 students. The timetable, syllabus, dates and other exam related information is available on our website. Drawing makes the mind free. Scientists believe that it activates the left and the right brain, which is very important for overall development. When students are motivated to participate in the drawing exam, it naturally makes them more intelligent, creative, and confident. A lot of importance has been given to the Drawing Exam Class 2 in the recent times because more and more parents and teachers have started to realize the benefits of drawing in the long run. 


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 2

Apart from conducting annual Olympiad exams, Indian Talent Olympiad is probably one of the few organizations in the country that conducts monthly tests too. The monthly Drawing Olympiad Class 2 is for all interested students who want to really create a name for themselves in the field of drawing and painting. Instead of participating directly in the annual Olympiads, the monthly exams provide a lot of exposure to students. Each month they are tested on different topics that they can draw and compete. This not only acts as monthly competition but also as monthly practice.  The monthly tests are conducted online at the most transparent levels. Students need to upload their drawings within the given time limit. The online exam as the feature of eye ball recognition, audio and video record to assure parents that the exam is conducted using strict and fair means.

To register for the monthly drawing tests, please visit our registration page, enroll for the monthly drawing exam and stand a chance to win monthly prizes. Indian Talent Olympiad believes that each and every participant is a winner. Thus, to motivate them further every month it picks up winners for drawing exam based on creativity, color combination, uniqueness and other factors.