Social Studies Olympiad Class 9

Social Studies Olympiad Class 9 is an important subject for all students studying in different boards in different schools. Class 9 is considered to be an important year as this is the time when they begin to decide on their career options. Social Studies is important for those who plan a career in politics, administrative services, civil services, and so on. The subject has four different branches namely history, geography, democratic politics and economics. It is a relatively easy subject, provided students understand the concepts well. Apart from the basic subjects, it also includes questions from anthropology. It is the systematic study of humanity. It enables students to understand our evolutionary origins, species, diversity of the world, social existence, French revolution, Russian revolution, Nazism and other topics accordingly. NCERT books are the best resources to refer to and study for this exam.

Social Studies Class 9 introduces students to political science. Here, students are able to comprehend democracy and become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Students are better equipped to know the world around them if they have excellent memory power, good understanding of topics and facts. The subject also makes them masters of history, which requires students to memorize important dates, events and personalities. Social Studies is one such subject that improves the general knowledge of students. It helps them when they take part in other competitions such as at college or university level. Science and Maths are of course important subjects and also considered to be the foundation for any course, but social studies is also equally important that helps to shape students’ career effectively. Indian Olympiad’s social studies Olympiad exam is designed for all those who dream of cracking the IAS, IFS, IPS, UPSC and civil services exams. Take part in the social studies Olympiad and set a new record for yourself today.

How to Prepare for Class 9 Social Studies Olympiad

Social Studies Class 9 Olympiad exam by Indian Talent Olympiad is conducted for all those who want to improve their scores in this subject. To prepare, students can begin by referring to their class textbooks, NCERT books and other references. It is important to make your own notes. Prepare your study schedule and stick to your timetable. Know your syllabus well. Prepare short notes, so that you can refer to it before the exam. Know the syllabus well. Study everything that is a part of the syllabus and do not skip any chapter or topic.

Time management skills are equally important; know how much time you can afford to spend on each question in the exam. It is relatively easy and students can score good marks provided they study the entire syllabus the entire year. Any exam requires hard work and motivation. Once the basic concepts are clear, students can solve any question quite easily.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 9

The syllabus for Social Studies Olympiad Class 9 is the same that is prescribed by the school. Students are encouraged to study the same syllabus, but also pay extra attention to each and every topic. The idea is to improve their conceptual abilities so that they are able to answer tricky questions. Students must try to solve each and every question at the end of the chapter to analyze their understanding of the chapter. Olympiad exams do not encourage mugging up topics, instead it makes students remember in an easier manner. Students can relate their answers to daily life examples, prepare mnemonics for their reference and hunt for ways in which study becomes a pleasurable experience.

It is advised to make full-fledged notes for attempting questions from the syllabus, as the paper includes important dates that go across centuries. Look for summaries in the textbooks. Make use of mind maps, charts and graphs. Students can review important term list and take practice tests from time to time. The other tricks that will help you to remember things and make preparation fun are to convert words to pictures, use memory spots, work specifically on names, use pictorial storage to remember list of items and most importantly study at your own individual pace.

- Chapter 1: Harappan Civilization

- Chapter 2: Events After 1960

- Chapter 3: Vedic Period and 6th century BC

- Chapter 4: Mauryan, Sangam, Guptas, Cholas, South, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals

- Chapter 5: Indo-Islamic Culture

- Chapter 6: The Renaissance

- Chapter 7: French Revolution Russian Revolution

- Chapter 8: Nazism and Hitler

- Chapter 9: Colonialism

- Chapter 10: Naxalism, Communalism, Regionalism

- Chapter 11: Human Rights and Fundamental Rights

Chapter 12: Our constitution

- Chapter 13: Union and State Govt

- Chapter 14: Defense System

- Chapter 15: Election and political Parties

- Chapter 16: National Integrations

- Chapter 17: Legislature Judiciary executive

- Chapter 18: Physical Features of India

- Chapter 19: India- Climate, Natural resources, Population, Tourism, Trade

- Chapter 20: Earth (Motion, Structure, Landforms and Disasters)

- Chapter 21: Weathering of rocks

- Chapter 22: Hydrosphere and atmosphere

- Chapter 23: Natural Regions

- Chapter 24: Internal forces of Earth

- Chapter 25: Economic Development

- Chapter 26: Education

- Chapter 27: Empowerment of Women

- Chapter 28: Income and Tax

- Chapter 29: Electoral Politics

- Chapter 30: Maps


Class 9 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad introduces the Social Studies Olympiad Class 9 exam. This is open to all students from all schools. Parents and teachers must encourage maximum participation in this exam. The exam helps students to improve their academic scores. The Olympiad exams for class 9 are conducted using the multiple choice pattern. Thus, students must have a thorough understanding over the question, before they arrive at the right answer. This happens only when they have studied the topic well. The registration for the annual Olympiad is open and can be done through our website. Please visit the Student Registration page and fill all the details. The mobile number used for registration will be used for further communication.

The fees for the Social Studies Class 9 annual Olympiad exam is minimal. Indian Talent Olympiad charges only Rs. 200 for the exam. The idea is to encourage more and more children to take part in this exam. It welcomes individual registration as well as school registrations. Schools can register their students using the School Registration button. Subject teachers or class teachers can take lead in filling up all the forms. Winners of Olympiads are felicitated with exciting prizes such as cash awards, medals, certificates, laptops and tablets.