Monthly Olympiad Syllabus

The Indian Talent Olympiad arranges for the students to appear for the monthly as well as annual Olympiad exams based upon their interests. The monthly Olympiads serve as practice tests for future competitive exams for interested students. The Monthly  Olympiad Syllabus can be easily availed at the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad, based upon the subject that the student chooses to appear for and their educational level. The syllabus happens to have been closely aligned to the regular academic syllabus of a student irrespective of their educational boards hence benefitting the education system besides this one can use the provided syllabus to crosscheck and prepare well for the test, it also helps one to strategize properly when choosing to appear for the exam, helps  manage one’s schedule and time which is why it is benefiting for one in the long run. The monthly Olympiad syllabus is also prepared in such a way that it benefits the students regular academics by allowing them to have an idea of the topics that they might need to cover, the said topics are covered in the resources made available by the Indian talent Olympiad be it in the form of associated guide books, question papers compilations, online assignments, video classes and more. The syllabus can be easily found for students of each educational level or grade  with the aid of a user friendly portal, that can be navigated quite easily from the website in order to guide the students well when they choose to appear for the test.

Know the Monthly Olympiad Syllabus of Science, Maths, English and General Knowledge Monthly Practice Test Series.


Science Monthly Olympiad Syllabus


Maths Monthly Olympiad Syllabus


English Monthly Olympiad Syllabus


General Knowledge Monthly Olympiad Syllabus