Several organizations in India conduct Maths Olympiad for class 3. Indian Talent Olympiad is one such organization that provides student-friendly IMO Class 3 Books to solve and understand each question. It has the best study material, as the books are designed by experienced professionals from Mathematics background. The book provides proficiency to students in all areas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, time, calendar, and fraction and so on. There is also a separate section on logical reasoning. This section is very useful for brain development. It helps students to identify loopholes in the options given, in order to arrive at the correct answer. This book seems to be quite resourceful and have a plethora of information. Students are sure to score well with the help of this book.
International Maths Olympiad Class 3


Preparing well for the Class 3 Maths Olympiad requires efficient study materials, and previous year question papers and workbooks play a crucial role in this. Prepare for the Class 3 Mathematics Olympiad with the help of specialized workbooks and the previous year question paper set that cover the entirety of the required material. There are many different mathematical ideas and methods of problem-solving covered here. These preparatory materials act as guides presenting the subject in a logical progression that makes learning easier and more efficient. Using the aforementioned study materials, students can strengthen their knowledge of mathematical concepts, increase their fluency in solving a wide range of problems, and sharpen their capacity for analytical thought. There is a wide selection of these formats for students to choose from.


The syllabus for class 3 Maths Olympiad is the same that is being followed in all schools across different boards. It becomes easy as well as interesting for students to understand concepts that are taught in class. Generally, school text books are to the point. It makes students familiar with various fundamentals, but Olympiad exams improve topic knowledge. It gives them a leverage to solve variety of questions using the same fundamentals. Maths is one such subject that requires rigorous practice. However, while practicing, student also need to understand that the answers are correct. School text books surely provide solutions, but Olympiad workbooks help students to understand the reason behind the correct answer. The syllabus is designed by subject matter experts who ensure that students are not over-loaded with content. It is age and class specific, striking a perfect balance between what is required to be learn and what is supposed to be taught. The syllabus of Class 3 Mathematics Olympiad makes students familiar with concepts such as mirror images of objects, solving word problems using addition, and subtraction. It also aims to explain the concept of units, tens and hundreds. Students are taught measurements such as long, short, tall, big, small etc. They can have fun exploring the calendar, weeks, months, days and years. In short, the syllabus for Maths Olympiad aims to connect right resources with all participants. Olympiad exams promote educational development in the country. Implementing the national curriculum framework, students will be able to follow chapter-wise questions, master concepts and come out with a unique intellect. Please check and compare chapter wise syllabus prescribed by school, against the syllabus of Indian Talent Olympiad to take an informed decision.
  • Chapter 1: Shapes & Figures
  • Chapter 2: Number System
  • Chapter 3: Addition & Subtraction
  • Chapter 4: Multiplication & Division
  • Chapter 5: Money
  • Chapter 6: Measurement
  • Chapter 7: Time
  • Chapter 8: Calendar
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning
IMO Maths Olympiad Workbook Class 3


Workbooks such as the IMO Book Class 3 serve as excellent preparatory resources and are of tremendous value to students who are getting ready to compete in the Mathematics Olympiad.  The concepts and methods of problem-solving in mathematics that are essential for success in competitions like the International Mathematics Olympiad are covered in depth in these supplementary materials.   These materials have been tailored to the needs of third-grade students and up who are thinking about participating in the Olympiad. Students can build a solid groundwork in mathematics through the use of a structured learning approach, which presents the material in a sequential and organized fashion. Using these materials is a fast and simple way to get ready for the Olympiad.


IMO class 3 previous year papers serve as quite the effective educational resources for students. Students should approach previous year question papers systematically and attempt to solve these papers under exam-like conditions. Setting a time limit and adhering to it strictly to help simulate the real exam environment. This practice improves time management skills and helps students become comfortable with the pressure of solving questions within a specified timeframe. They can start by attempting the questions they are confident about, ensuring that they secure those marks. Then, they can move on to the more challenging ones, allocating sufficient time for each question. It is crucial to read the questions carefully, understand the given information, and apply the appropriate concepts and problem-solving techniques aptly to perform well in the actual examination.
Maths Previous Year Question Paper Class 3


Students' ability to solve problems is improved when they take part in competitions like the Class 3 Maths Annual Olympiad and the Monthly competitions. The problems that are presented to the students in these competitions are difficult and require creative thinking as well as application of mathematical concepts. Students hone their analytical skills, improve their logical reasoning, and develop novel approaches to problem-solving as a result of the struggle they put forth when confronted with challenging problems. Students can prepare well for the exam using various resources and stay ahead of their peers when it comes to developing a grasp on the subject matter and associated concepts to benefit their overall studies.


The annual Olympiads are also online tests that are conducted from home. These are held during the months of December and February. The subjects in which students can take these tests are Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Computer, Essay and Social Studies respectively. The duration of the annual Olympiads is 45 minutes that includes 50 multiple choice questions.
The drawing and the essay Olympiad is conducted for different durations. The drawing Olympiad allows 60 minutes for students to draw and paint their pictures, whereas the essay Olympiad allows students 40 minutes to come up with creative write-ups. The annual Olympiads act as revision for all participants before their school annual exams. These are generally conducted before school final exams, so that students can take maximum benefit from these tests. As and when students enter higher classes, they realize that there is a difference between basic maths and standard maths. The difference is nothing but the kind of questions asked in both these tests. The basic maths tests students on questions that are a part of their school textbooks, but the standard maths tests questions that are part of national competitions.
Olympiads, being national level competitions is the best way to train students as young as class 3 for future competitions. They become accustomed to challenges, and thus are confident to solve any question that comes their way.
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Monthly Olympiads for Maths are one of the best ways to ensure basic mathematical calculations are clear to all students. It includes online tests that are open any time between 10:00 and 6:00 pm. These tests can be taken from any tablet or smart phone from home. It acts as extra practice for those participating in the final Olympiads. It also helps students in their regular school unit tests, surprise tests and other exams conducted at school level. Apart from Maths, students can take part in Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. This is the combo pack that allows participation in all the subjects of monthly Olympiads. The duration of the monthly Olympiads is for 25 minutes, that include 30 multiple choice questions.
The questions for monthly Maths Olympiad are set by experts to help students excel in other tests. Students who acquire knowledge over these questions can bring good scores to themselves. The students of the 21 st century must consider themselves to be indeed lucky, as they have multiple avenues to prepare for national and international competitions. As compared to the earlier times, it they can acquire knowledge from different sources. Olympiad is one of the most trusted source in today’s times. These exams are tried and tested measures that are followed by crores of students across the country.
Those who enroll for monthly Olympiads are sure to acquire better results than their peers. This is all due to the rigorous online practice sessions offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. The monthly Olympiads can be a one stop solution for those looking for carving a niche in their careers.


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Class 3 Olympiad exam is a national and international level competition that brings students of different schools together. It is one of the most prestigious exams that provides ample of knowledge to students. Students of class 3 are taught basics concepts of numbers, fractions, computation operations, geometry and so on. It is designed to make students familiar with tricky questions. Indian Talent Olympiad acts as a helping hand to all those looking for Olympiad reference books. It offers workbooks and other practice paper sets for class 3 students. It instills a strong sense of numbers and calculations in young minds that helps them for their future endeavors.

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) class 3 offers complete exposure to variety of questions. To prepare for IMO class 3, students must understand the syllabus well. Although, the syllabus is the same as prescribed by schools, they are taught using application driven examples. Indian Talent Olympiad provides practice materials for preparation in the form of workbooks and previous year’s question papers. Access all the papers in the set to understand the difficulty level of these exams. Prepare yourself on various topics and do not leave out any topic in the middle. Get a strong hold on fundamentals and you will be ready to crack IMO class 3 exam.

To score good marks in Olympiad, you need to be accurate and proficient in all basic concepts. Understand the syllabus and look at how questions have been framed from those. Practice as many questions as possible. Check your accuracy level and the time taken to solve those questions. Maintain a check on your score and go back to the questions that seemed difficult, or came out to be incorrect. Practice is the key to score good marks in Olympiads. Be ready to work hard. The scores of Olympiads help students in the long run.