Computer Olympiad Class 6

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) exam for students of class 6 focuses on mental ability as well. Workbooks for the same are designed by a team of professionals from Indian Talent Olympiad who are experts in the field of information and technology. Content is updated from time to time. Computer is one such subject where there are constant updates. Therefore, books provided from Indian Talent Olympiad ensure that all content is as per latest requirements. It has multiple-choice questions with answers and explanations to all correct answers. It makes sure that basic concepts are clear. The language used is simple and easy to comprehend. It encourages self-study. It motivates students to score well in their school exams as well. This exam helps students to compete with one another at International and national levels. Teachers along with parents must realize that Olympiad exams help students to shape their careers from a young age. They become confident to answer different types of questions. They are exposed to a variety of topics that may not be taught in school. It enhances their thinking capacity and helps them to think out-of-the box.


Preparation Material for Class 6 Computer Olympiad


Syllabus For Olympiad Class 6:

  • Subjective Exercise
  • Mental Ability Exercise
  • Answers And Explanation


Computer Books:

ICO Computer Olympiad Class 6

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