Pencil Sketch Drawing Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) for students of class 7. Students can take part in Drawing competition through their school. In Class 7 Drawing book, various themes may come across the students. Each child may have a different point of view when it comes to drawing on a particular theme or topic. Students put their creative perceptions on the paper in very prolific way in making pencil sketch drawing. Splash of colours enhances the art work. Developing skills at grade level shows growth and students tend to discover more. Drawing offers the widest possible scope for the expression of artistic intentions.Schools urge parents to encourage their children to take part in this exam.


Preparation Material for Class 7 Drawing Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 7:

  • Chapter 1: Vertical Blending
  • Chapter 2: Autumn Scene
  • Chapter 3: Print Making
  • Chapter 4: Object Drawing - Brinjal Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours
  • Chapter 5: Memory Drawing - Children Playing At The Beach
  • Chapter 6: Design In A Circle
  • Chapter 7: Still Life
  • Chapter 8: A Young Man Sitting By The Sea Side
  • Chapter 9: Designing A Vase
  • Chapter 10: Creative Warli
  • Chapter 11: Designing A Tray
  • Chapter 12: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books:

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 7

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By practicing through Olympiad Drawing workbook, students can explore various different methods of drawing. Class 7 Drawing Book for the same is provided by the organization that has variety of drawing techniques. All these techniques are well explained to students through illustrations. Drawing for Class 7 helps them to learn new way of drawings and different styles of designs. These books are developed by people who have thorough knowledge in the field of art. Some of the topics taught in the book are vertical blending, print making, object drawing, memory drawing, still life, designing a vase, designing a tray, Warli designs and so on. It enhances students’ thinking capacity and helps them to come out with their own new designs. It boosts their imagination to optimum levels. Teachers recommend students to use this book for practising different drawings using the given techniques at home as well.Students should refer these books and develop themselves to build good score in the final exam.