Pencil Sketch Drawing Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) for students of class 7. Students can take part in Drawing competition through their school. In Class 7 Drawing book, various themes may come across the students. Each child may have a different point of view when it comes to drawing on a particular theme or topic. Students put their creative perceptions on the paper in very prolific way in making pencil sketch drawing. Splash of colours enhances the art work. Developing skills at grade level shows growth and students tend to discover more. Drawing offers the widest possible scope for the expression of artistic intentions.Schools urge parents to encourage their children to take part in this exam.


Preparation Material for Class 7 Drawing Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the most useful preparation material for Drawing Competition class 7. These books are for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) conducted by the organization for all class 7 students. The preparation material guides students to practice and prepare for the exam. It is designed by experts who are well-known in the field of art. Learning to draw some of the best strokes takes years of training. So, it is advised that students should start early so that they can form a base for their preparation. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad provides topics for Drawing Olympiad Class 7, which students can refer to and use their own imagination to come out with the best of art forms. Topics are generally as per the age and class so that students do not feel overwhelmed. The number of skills required to master strokes takes time. Drawing helps students to stay calm and control their minds. When children are engaged in artistic works, they take their minds off from what is stressing them. They realize that they are unnecessarily overthinking about things that are not really important. Thus, it teaches them to calm their anxiety levels. The topics for the Olympiad exam are as per the understanding of students. 

- Chapter 1: Vertical Blending

- Chapter 2: Autumn Scene

- Chapter 3: Print Making

- Chapter 4: Object Drawing - Brinjal Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours

- Chapter 5: Memory Drawing - Children Playing At The Beach

- Chapter 6: Design In A Circle

- Chapter 7: Still Life

- Chapter 8: A Young Man Sitting By The Sea Side

- Chapter 9: Designing A Vase

- Chapter 10: Creative Warli

- Chapter 11: Designing A Tray

- Chapter 12: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad provides Class 7 Drawing book that are extremely helpful to show students the right way to prepare for all drawing competitions including the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO). The workbooks have different topics with detailed explanation that helps students to express their emotions, train their minds and expand their communication. Students who refer to these workbooks find it easy to develop their drawing skills. It helps them to discover themselves. They can reflect upon their own drawings and then refer to the workbooks for improvisations if any. Drawing is something that can be improved upon time and again. It makes students happier each time they come close to their imagination and what is mentioned in the drawing books. It makes them more confident, gives them an extra sense of identify and purpose in life. Drawing is something with which children can grow up in life. It is one of the best hobbies introduced when they are still in school.

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 7


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 7

The Indian Talent Olympiad Drawing Exam Class 7 is conducted for all those interested in art, drawing and painting. The organization calls it the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam, which gives students maximum exposure to learn creative skills. Students can register online for this exam using the Student Registration page. Once the registration is complete all details are sent to the registered mobile number. Drawing exam helps students to showcase their talent to their peers. They can get inspired from these drawings and thus motivate each other. It is an excellent learning experience for all students of class 7.

Some students may have a natural inclination for drawing well. But others can always develop this skill from a young age. Indian Talent Olympiad provides the required training to become great artists of the future. A number of career options are dependent on drawing. Students of class 7 who learn to draw and even score well in the drawing Olympiad can think of careers in graphic designing, product designing, multimedia specialist, art director, art teaching, illustrator and even system designer. The marks and ranks scored at the Olympiads help students to build their careers on the same lines. Register for the annual Drawing Olympiad today. 


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Drawing Olympiad Class 7 exam every month also called the monthly Olympiad. This test is for all class 7 students to practice for the annual drawing Olympiad well in advance. We all know nobody can become an artist in a day. It takes several months, and sometimes even years to become very good in basic skills such as drawing, painting and sketching. Students who participate in the monthly drawing Olympiad prepare for the exam thoroughly. You can register for this exam using the same Student Registration page and select Drawing Olympiad under the Monthly Olympiads.

Drawing is a very pleasurable experience that costs very little but is a very emotive form of communication and expressing oneself. Drawing is worth all the effort taken. Line drawing is the most basic forms of drawing that students practice when they prepare for the exam. Students need to fine tune themselves on lines, edges, shapes so that the drawings become visually appealing. It is one of the best brain exercises that helps students to use their left and their right brain. It makes them better in strategic thinking, problem solving skills and soft skills, which are highly recommended in today’s competitive world.